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  1. My mother, and her siblings, was born in a stable in a small village which was, even in the sixties, essentially cut off from any aspects of modern civilisation. The whole family (of 7, including grandmother) lived under the roof of a small stable full of hay, much smaller than average kitchen today, with their domestic animals living on the ground floor. The word they used for "domestic animals" at that time was "treasure", because it was all the family possessed, and survival depended on these animals. Survival, in fact, depended on the organisation of work; what needs to be done and at what time of the year. The family owned several small pieces of land, each many miles apart from one another, and each with different quality of soil, inclination and sun hours. Different crops were growing at different locations, and somebody needed to keep track of the vast work. This role was taken up by my grand-grandmother. I do not even know what her real name was, but everyone called her Parona, which I guess came from Italian word Padrona, which at the time meant that she was the manager in charge, the CEO of the family. In the aftermath of the second world war, there were not enough men left, and women had to fill up the role. And they did... the amount of respect given to grandmother for her leadership is unparalleled to anything I see in modern world. Her death was mourned for 30 years. And the family eventually fell apart without her. I just wanted to say, that in some societies, (older) women were deeply respected and even worshipped for their knowledge and wisdom. Because they overcame that period of motherhood, transcended it and rose up to reclaim their strength. In the torment and difficulties, they found strength. Witnessing the weaknesses of men, they found the witness. With love, TS
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