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  1. Thank you Teal and Team .. Lots of love
  2. Dearest beautiful wonderful. Teal Thank you thank you for this amazing blog .You are even a genius at words ..it was a dream come true to be at the workshop in Stockholm and to say hi ,give you a hug / get a hug and see you in the eyes. A memory I cherish deep in my heart for the rest of my life. I ,like so many adore you for everything you are giving to humanity. I love everything about you .. I felt even a little star struck when I met you , something I have not really felt before .A teenager meeting the one she as longed to meet . A little silly considering my age , but a lovely feeing .Please come back to Sweden in the summer ,it is gorgeous and the winter and Christmas time is magical here too.. Thank you again from the bottom of my heat You are my favorite person on earth outside my family. Lots of love and blessings.Love you deeply xx
  3. Just beautifully put as usual.Bless you darling Teal. I am so longing to see you in Stockholm on the 4th of November . Have a wonderful journey .and super good time in Europe,lovely her in the fall, a little nippy it can be outside though .Lots of love and bless your beautiful heart .Thank you to all who see ,take care and love Teal. I feel very motherly towards you , being a woman of 70.
  4. Oh my goodness, this breaks my heart to read .You are so so brave beautiful Teal, I so agree with you about this very delicate subject. When I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts and did try a couple of times , there was absolutely no where ot no one to go to the darkest time of my life.Several years later when I heard about you and your knowledge about this subject nobody wants to talk about , everything fell into place for me and I only felt sad I had no contact with you way back, it would have helped me immensely. Dear Teal , from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. If I can support you in any way please me know.We are more that love and appreciate you than the haters and those who slander. So happy you are coming to Stockholm this fall looking forward to seeing you in IRL I love you. Sending blessings and love from Stockholm .
  5. Graciella is SO beautiful . Looks and her heart WOW
  6. Wonderful .Thanks. Just something I noticed , it does not look so nice when several are on stage with their arms closed over the chest .. Think of your body language . Amazing workshop. Lots of love
  7. So sad that the man who brought the statue of liberty and the eifel tower to your door step did not work out either .My goodness Teal , this is tricky business with relationships. After of havening a couple of marriages I feel I am done now.I really do not think that I am able to be in a relationship.I am sad for you and Ale , he must be going through utter hell at the moment .You have your dog, cats , son , community ..who does he have ? I really feel sorry for Ale , I know he will too get through this ...we all do eventually ....looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm .
  8. Lori Ann Chafin

    You Hurt Me

    You are a wonderful poet. You are a fantastic author and speaker too. Thank you Teal from the bottom of my heart .
  9. Thank you wonderful Blakey,Graciella and Teal Pearl. I have watched this several times.Longing to see you in Stockholm in the autumn. Teal I have difficulty finding words for how awesome you are .Love and THANKS
  10. Beautiful blog as usual. Lots to ponder on .Thanks dear precious Teal I love you .
  11. Thanks for the blog . Thank god I am living in Sweden , we have coma a long way here . We are aloud to stay at home with our babes for a year and a half with pay from the goverement , if fathers stay home with their children then we have more days of parential leave . At birth both mother and father have 10 days together (payed) also .We talk a lot about equality in parenting in Sweden . we share , it is not perfect but we are really getting there . Seeing hundreds of daddies with there babies and prams on "daddy " leave is naturally here . In the homes , we share too, dads shop and cook and wash etc. this way we can do both. If you separate the children by law have access to both their parents .of course there are families where it is still the mom doing most of the work , but it is so much better . Here in sweden , people are much more free to choose , some moms are stay at home moms for a while , others are working moms and the father staus at home . All kinds of different solutions actually . We have also wonderful daycare for our children , lots of diferent options . It is not perfect yet , but we are really on the way ..Best country ever when it comes to balancing motherhood with work and having children. Many earn a god salary (not all of course ) so we have people come in to clean (tax reduced ) and food delivered to the door ,buying it on internet ,so we do not have to bring our children to the shops after daycare or school. It had also to do with your attitude to what is most important . I was a single parent in the late 70 `s ,working as a teacher and had my son , he did see his daddy every second weekend . I did all the household work , cooked ,washed etc. and worked . Never hardly did I feel I did not cope well. I found the best balance then , but it was probably easier then , not so much focus on myself ,my looks , my own time .Today young women want to look like models , be mothers , make cakes , have a super body , go out with their friends and be a sexy wife and a mother ...and be on their cellphones all the time . This I see a lot ,they are there pyshically with their children but not present , which is going to really fuck the children up later in life . Now both moms and dads are not really present .This is the biggest problem at the moment .
  12. Thank you Teal . I have started to build the new .. Bless you <3
  13. Hi .I have payed the prenium fee for six months , I am not able to listen to anything , the videos get cut off after a few seconds . EI do not think it is my computer because everything else works , it is only Teals videos here I cannot see or hear .. No problem with the youtube videos . Could you please help me ? I love Teal and her workshops , that is why I signed upp for half a year ...sad that it is not working .. Thank you ,hope it is fixable ..Love Susan
  14. Thank you dearest Teal for the updates and your blog....you are my favorite inspirer ever ......I love you to bits .
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