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  1. Lori Wiseman

    We are responsible for our own control over ourselves, we meet these people for growth and expansion for humanity. We need to ask Teal if we should hold out and do twin flame healing or move on to a more stable, peaceful relationship. Do we stay single to attract what should be? Or is it supposed to be fleeting sometimes. I believe we only have one twin flame. Soul mates/life lessons/mirrors sure! Teal what to do with this? Thanks?
  2. Lori Wiseman

    Crazy huh? I'm trying to understand the point in these connections if we cannot fully connect? Teal help! Lol. I've had to cut cords/block energetically multiple times. If I'm supposed to concentrate on healing us I will but I have
  3. Lori Wiseman

    Thank you! And yes he has a lot of issues, born into a dark cult and has cancer at only 30 years old. Past life things with him and he has extream commitment issues and is a hustler/womanizer but on the flip side is sweet, very psychic, charming and heroic. It's strange. Me and 2 other women in a past life broke him from a dark curse, I've met one, he's still looking for the other in his life. I think I met her too! Not sure but warned her anyway. I really think I need help with this one it's very powerful. ? Good luck to your situation too!
  4. Lori Wiseman

    Should I abandon the idea of getting back together with my twin flame in this lifetime? I've tried to date others but it hadn't been working, all I can think about is our connection. He is NOT someone I would have picked and he's not wanting to even talk anymore. I savataged it? We weren't ready. Now what? Should I stop dating and try to energetically heal the union? Or let a new love option in? Thanks? Your the best and I cannot get enough of your teachings/personality❣️