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  1. Why are so many spiritual people drawn to amethyst?
  2. Katierose921

    Best Book Ever

    The SciFi channel made a Dune movie and it’s amazing.
  3. Katierose921

    June 16th

    Happy birthday
  4. Katierose921

    Teal's Resistance

    When it comes to my personal resistance I don’t trust myself to get anything right and I feel that if I don’t try I can’t fail. When it comes to other people’s resistance I feel like if they’re not going to work on their resistance towards me in return why should I change for them. I grew up being told to think about how other people feel when my parents wanted me to prioritize their feelings over my own by they never tried to understand how I felt. I don’t like feeling that I’m bending over backwards to try and understand how other people feel when they don’t care how I feel. I know I should work on all this but my fear of failure keeps me from doing much parts work and trying to tell myself there’s no wrong way to heal makes me feel like I’m kidding myself.
  5. Katierose921

    Guaranteed Happiness

    Honestly if you can’t be happy what’s the point of freedom? It’s like on the Walking Dead: maybe the characters are alive but they’re going to spread the rest of their lives running from zombies knowing they can die a gruesome death at any minute and I fail to see how that’s preferable to death. It’s the major reason I hate that show so much: everyone thinks the living characters are so lucky and I think that’s no way to live. Obviously no one wants to be anyone’s slave but since this is supposedly a hypothetical question that’s what I’d choose.
  6. As a millennial I’m interested to know how I lined up with this so I can stop lining up with it.
  7. Katierose921

    Tornado Moonstone

    I was sick so I spent Christmas up in my room trying to keep my germs to myself
  8. Katierose921

    3rd Eye Minerals

    Please do a video on the chakras that are outside the physical body
  9. Katierose921


    Battle bots. Other then that I really don’t care for sports. Equestrian sports aren’t bad but I only watch them during the Olympic because I like looking at the horses.
  10. Katierose921

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Could you please do crystals for desperation and/or hopelessness?
  11. Katierose921

    Teal's Pet Peeves

    Bad singing is the worst, particularly when it’s some random person next to you in a store. My biggest pet peeve is when people get really stressed out and grumpy during the Christmas season but try and convince everyone it’s the most magical time of the year. And then because I’m goth they tell me I just don’t like Christmas because I’m dark and weird. I don’t like Christmas because all the stress that goes into it ruins it for me. By the time Christmas Day rolls around I’m too frustrated at everyone to enjoy it.
  12. Katierose921

    Pottery Painting

    I paint ceramic ornaments for my grandparents every Christmas but I have to wear gloves because I can’t stand the texture of unglazed pottery.
  13. Katierose921

    If You Could Return...

    I pamper my pets in this life I think I’ve earned it in my next life lol
  14. Katierose921

    If You Could Return...

    Can I join you in being a pampered lap dog? Or maybe a pampered cat because I could ignore my humans and that would be considered normal.
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