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  1. I had the pleasure of attending the Toronto workshop with Teal just 13 days after this post was dated for. My raw thoughts right now: You mean she was as incredible as she was, brought so much light and love to so many people while going through this? I am bewildered and amazed that she can go on with her work at the caliber that she did while this is weighing in on her. She changed my life that day for the better, things are still clicking so to speak from the experience. She has helped me evolve the way no one else could. That to me is authentic and tells me right there that this girl is for real. Not that I had any doubt. It is not Teal that is unappealing (just for lack of ability to find a better word) but the drama created around her that is, and that has nothing to do with Teal herself but everything to do with those that are involved in this smear campaign against her, they are the ones creating that, Teal is not, she is simply the common enemy these people have chosen to bond together and be against . I hope that others can separate this out and see that. I am going to buy all your books today Teal, just as a token of support, no where near how you supported and helped me at the workshop but it is the least I can do.
  2. It was an honor and privilege to attend this workshop. Love you Teal.
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