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  1. Amari729

    Thank you for sharing your experience. LOVE (Listen, Observe, Verify, Embody)
  2. Amari729

    Goals vs. Objectives Learning to apply goals and objectives effectively is important no matter what genre you apply it to, for example, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc..
  3. Amari729

    Being Direct Being direct doesn't have to be painful but you won't get anywhere by avoiding the topics that make you uncomfortable. Be honest, be respectful, and realize that you aren't the only one thinking it so why not have to the courage to be the one to say it.
  4. Don't forget to have fun.
  5. Economic Insanity and the Psychology of Money
  6. Authenticity and the fear of rejection
  7. Amari729

    Trust in the decision you made to live an honest, open, and authentic life. Know that where you are, you are protected and surrounded by love. You are a catalyst for change and fear of death is fear of change. These individuals do not know themselves and so associate who they are with what they believe themselves to be, forgive them for they know not what they do. Reconcile it within yourself and realize that it does not matter what they do but what you do that matters most. They have no more control over you than you do them and those that have bailed out of fear do not trust themselves. Keep going Teal do not stop, take each moment as it comes and know that the solution is always at hand. I am with you, I do not stand for you or against you, indeed I am you and I love you dearly. Find your footing, find your rhythm, and dance with abandon. Allow the pure joy of delivering your dream into reality to fill you to overflowing and meet each challenge with the resolve that you have already won, you are simply going through the motions.
  8. Multilayered Perspective of the Global Stage
  9. Implosion, integration, and the fractal nature of reality. I wanted to share this video simply because it explains so much of what I have been coming to understand about the nature of reality throughout the course of studying myself and life in general.
  10. Amari729

    After seeing Teal's response to the outcome of the US elections I started thinking about the nature of what it means to run a country and whether we like it or not it is very much a business, and during my walk tonight I finally realized why I voted for him. We now have the one president who can't be bought, there is no amount of wealth or prestige which you could offer this man that he doesn't already have and he has a thorough understanding of the responsibilities that go along with it. So say what you will about him personally but it is my belief that I have made the right decision. LOL I now realize that the above statement is absolutely fucking hilarious!!! I'm still glad I voted for him simply because of how many people he managed to piss off. It is about damn time someone lit a fire under our ass... see Women's March.