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  1. Tiffany Unkyong Tichota

    YES! Thank you, kahamsahamnida, I love you, sarangheio!! As I head back to Korea, you remind me what to take there. As always, I appreciate you so much Teal.
  2. Tiffany Unkyong Tichota

    Holy YES!! Thank you for the reminders, the tools to tweak my perspectives on parenting and to reinvigorate my heart's desire to see a world that is full of humans who is seen, heard, felt, understood, allowed and enabled. Love your teachings Teal and I love you.
  3. Tiffany Unkyong Tichota

    Hello Teal, thanks, as always, for sharing with us what's going on within you, I find it infinitely inspiring to feel and see the transparency that is you becoming a divine human. I feel a wave of protective sisterly emotion coming up, wanting to say or do something to let you know that we feel your pain, your over tasked humanity, your fears and curiosities, it's all sometimes too much to process all at once. I wonder if you're eating some delicious foods you find comforting right now? I also wonder if you're going deeply into yourself and getting the comfort you need? Are you being heard and understood in a compassionate way from beloveds close to you? Are you watching a really great comedy that makes you laugh, at life and all its tragedies and challenges? And in the midst of the hurricane, compassionately and lovingly holding yourself from within, being the conduit for the Great Mother energy that just loves? I know a thing or two about growing up in a childhood devoid of protection, safety, warmth and belonging, not to the extent you've experienced, by golly no, I'm not that awakened, yet I can empathize. What I notice is that I too am asked to let beliefs go that doesn't align with my soul, parts that have been disowned are now asking me firmly to be part of the whole. It feels so uncomfortable when these aspects of myself arise and yet, every time I go through the experience, I am a little more comfortable in the discomfort. AND I understand the process, what's going on and why I am feeling and sensing the things that I'm sensing which gives me so much comfort. I have done the completion process organically to heal myself from my traumas and now, I do it much more efficiently due to your work Teal, I am always thankful for your generosity. It's as if I feel that we are somehow connected, as sisters, doing this work of becoming whole and conscious. Thank you infinitely for your eloquent and truth filled information you give to the world so freely, I trust your authenticity implicitly and in my way, I am with you. I hold your hand as you also continue to become whole within your humanity as an enlightened soul, it's hard work marrying the two! I shout out words of encouragement and support as you go through yet another layer of becoming Teal Swan. The haters are accomplishing their intended purpose, they are exposing everyone's true feelings, intentions and level of fear that is still their reality. We can bless their journey. I always find it exquisitely helpful when I can hang out with the salt of the earth types of folks, the ones who work with their hands, blue collar folks, if you will, the ones who are genuinely kind and down to earth people. We are after all, here to have a human experience, aren't we? They help me to feel grounded in the small experiences of being human, the basic things we forget to pay attention to. I find myself in an ecstatic state of love when I talk about every day things with these folks. Yes, I feel that you are definitely a female version of the great teachers of the past, one who is still struggling with sinking deep into being Teal Swan. I love how you describe the way you feel when you're hanging out with females, I hope you are surrounded by lots of nurturing, older females who support you, feed you good food and hold you close to their bosoms with all encompassing hugs so warm and healing, you want to forever be in the mother/grandmother/sister/aunt/divine feminine embrace! That will help heal that great big mother wound of yours. And to see your mom as a flawed human, not your mom, but someone who made mistakes AND that was the very best she knew how to do at that time and perhaps even still. That's a doozy of a healing you can gift yourself, one of the best and greatest ones we can experience, I know. All my love and affection dear Teal.