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  1. Ash859

    Love love love it!
  2. Ash859

    I don't really know how to explain this, maybe someone can give me a clue but for a long time I've had this feeling in my chest like a whole of empiness or pain. Its not a physical pain, but it cuts into my chest like a hallow bar going all the way through.. So in hopes of stopping that feeling i sit with it, with that pain or uncomfortable feeling but it never goes away. Am i missing something? Has anyone else felt this feeling? Anything anyone knows will be helpful. Thank you!
  3. Ash859

    It takes time to build yourself back up. After my first breakup it was hard not to think of that person, it was hard to let the memory of her go. I thought about her almost constantly and the more i tried to forget about that part of our relationship it hurt even worse. So I started a game with myself; i would tell myself not to think about her for however long i could. So i could focus on the small things that gave me a happier feeling. It not going to be fast or easy but you have to be gentle with yourself. Breathe and light a candle or smell or taste or touch something that is good to you. You will be able to get through this. If i could id give you a hug but here are some hearts instead????. you will live through this. ?
  4. Ash859

    Blazing thoughts riding high. Lost to the nothingness within my mind. Boasting peace but inside I'm shaking, locked between laughter and internally breaking. Ghosting through lives never fully there and lost to the tides for it is only fair. Lost loves again, pasts always unfolding, brings with it a familiar foreboading. For it circles like spirals back in on itself. In hopes that I'll learn it for myself. Wanting to reach out even though i can't see, searching for a blessing out lost in the sea.
  5. New Episode (Secondary Enlightenment) In the newest episode Teal talks about Enlightenment and the next step in the process of enlightenment, which is not continuous self enlightenment but becoming the teacher to enlighten others? Would that be with or without their consent first? How do I bring up that topic's to people so out of the blue? What if they aren't ready? Even worse what if I trigger them??? I guess I didn't let that stop me before but still I would like to know some sort of guide lines about what to say to these people that doesn't totally freak them out. In your opinion what is the best way to approach the 'unaligned/unenlightened'?
  6. Ash859

    I imagine it's exhausting, to have so much hate and negetivity directed at you. What you are saying resonates completely with the current state of our planet. There are going to be polarizations in both ways, for everyone in any shape or form they can take. Your teachings are sound and practical and they've helped and will continue to help countless people. Don't get discouraged and don't let them take your peace. The right teachers and the right students will go to your retreat in the right time. It's all in an Intelligant order. All smiles from Cali -Ash