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  1. it cant, because itt loves itself
  2. Holy moly I can't believe it turned bigger than Star Wars wow, well I'm off to be a Jedi now
  3. I absolutely love cooking, I fell in love with it when I started my first year at University, just using different ingredients, chopping them up, them smell, the colours, the sauces, the little bits of flavour we delicately add in, I'm gonna look up some more recipes when I start my second year, thank you for this blog Teal, god bless you.
  4. Hopefully, this will cause people to start challenging the governments, we all know the systems of kings and queens in place, hopefully, as a collective we become more conscious, more aware, get up of the sofa and protest, overthrow them, rid of these systems to keep us in fear, I believe if Trump and Brexit in 'power', would cause the majority of people to take action, however, I only hope it is non violent action, such as Gahndi once accomplished, saved a whole frickin country with peaceful protests, but, I really do hope humanity chooses love, or at leasts finds it.
  5. Thank you so much for being so authentic Teal, its absolutely incredible to know you feel the same way all of us do, I mean, you are getting rid of that 'spiritual guru' image that has been dominating the field for centuries, thank you, especially that none of us can do no wrong, the universe very much loves us, especially on how we love ourselves because we are the universe. I love you Teal, please continue to help those in desperate need of love, for they will be the people who will change the world alongside you.
  6. As a person who dreams and will one day make movies and who has loved movies all my life, this is spectacular. since childhood, my favourite films have been Star Wars. I was Anakin skywalker, I was luke skywalker, I was a jedi who learnt about the ways of the force and I still am. Espeially since there is so much truth to Star Wars in relation to our own reality, the force is just another name for what we call the universe. It makes me feel even more special knowing that movies we loved and characters we identified with when we were children have so much impact on our lives, I know these chara
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