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  1. I just realized Blake has an amazing vibration for being in relationships with lovely ladies. Lynn and Teal are both so darn pretty.
  2. amandapanda

    Money Issues

    Always on target. Love you Teal
  3. amandapanda

    Horse Riding Magic

    It does seem to me that one can take this idea of animal cruelty and not know where to stop. Never would i be in support of harming other beings but we (all beings) are down here to learn lessons and to have a purpose to fill and in the end not a one of us will escape without being scratched or inflicting a scratch here or there. We can take this argument anywhere we want to.. I'm being cruel to animals and the planet by just breathing and existing because I'm taking up land, I'm flushing a toilet, I'm using resources, even if I'm as eco-conscious as i can be.. I cant be perfect. If all of us dissected our lives down to the molecular level we'd all have reason to feel like killing ourselves! So, Lets all have a moment of humility shall we? and try not to judge others. Especially when we don't know the whole story.
  4. amandapanda

    Creating Compassion

    Just another average day for Teal, blowing peoples minds.
  5. amandapanda


    I have no doubt she does. I was just saying I feel my own resistance to what she says in this video. The way she worded something just sat wrong with me but I am sure this is just my own insecurities coming to light. I love Teals authenticity for this very reason. It's so easy to see ones own wounds when she bravely shares herself so openly you can see the truth of yourself that much more clearly.
  6. amandapanda


    My initial reaction to this is that I would worry how Ale would feel listening to this. Just my projection most likely.
  7. amandapanda


    How do you relate this with today Teal? Even today we have mothers who don't really love their children. But we are all brainwashed to believe that every mother inherently loves their baby from day one. I will be eager to hear more of your perspective on this. I have personally had many friends and boyfriends in my life who had mothers who treated them ABOMINABLY! Abandoning them, kicking them out of the house, threatening them, denying them food etc. ( have not yet delved into how or why I am such a match to people with horrible mothers... )
  8. amandapanda

    Community Dynamics

    I keep dreaming of being in teals community.... I would love to dive deep every day. being a cancer i swim in the seas of emotion, not afraid of the depths! I wonder how you get to be a part of her family.
  9. amandapanda


    this is nice to hear, I have recently gotten triggered by someone getting sick that I care about. I felt a lot of anger and defense coming up around it. I felt myself shutting down. maybe you can talk more about this!? Love your honesty Teal, as always.
  10. amandapanda

    Training Day

    Dear Teal can you talk more about that? Getting attached to things you don't want to get attached to because the connection doesn't feel secure? I feel like I'm dealing with that in my own life big time! Love, A
  11. where can i find the part where Teal and Lynn are doing the channeling the fragmented aspects ???? I am dying to see that whole segment!!! I was only able to see a bit of that part live!
  12. amandapanda

    Gifts of Safety

    would the dough cave not remind you of the bad experience?
  13. amandapanda


    yeaAAAAAASS. this is so accurate. also for people who have illnesses or issues that are not visually apparent like food allergies / sensitivities / anxiety problems.
  14. omg. this is THE BESSST.
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