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    Hi Andreas, I think I understand more where you're coming from now. Most of us sense that we're oppressed by something, but there's so much confusion as to what it is. And I think that the confusion is part of the strategy and part of our challenge to overcome. A few things about the Establishment that I've determined from looking outside of the US media: It is a very complex hierarchy where we only see the bottom and middle levels. Therefore when we attempt to lash out against it, we are often half-cocked and misguided. The top of the hierarchy is not human and feeds on our fears, anger and feeling of powerlessness. So if we lash out against it in the wrong way, we can end up feeding it. So restraint and discretion are key as are an open mind, research and patience. There are so many good internet sources on the different aspects of those evil powers which rule us, but if I had to pick one, it would be But the best place I know of, if you just wanna work on yourself is actually right here. Don
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    About the confusion of this event and its high price: There are many different levels and types of people following Teal as her wisdom applies generally. None of us can envision what a typical Teal follower looks like or even begin to categorize them. We all have our own lives with different needs according to our specific stage of development. Teal has simply offered an event geared for a group that is at a certain stage in their development.
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    Andreas, As an attendee, thank you for your kind analysis of me. You obviously know more about me than I ever knew about myself. I didn't know that I was a societal decision maker, not to mention a crappy one at that, but thanks to you, I am enlightened. And I'm sure that the other attendees will be delighted with such an accurate analysis of them as well. Maybe sarcasm is the best way to deal with hateful bigotry?
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    Is there any word on if/when this event will be confirmed? I sure hope it happens. Maybe Teal can empower people enough to shake up the Establishment.