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  1. I´m really glad that I could be there and work all together in Amsterdam, and as I use to say, there are so many things which worth the 2000 km travel from my homeland (Transilvania), but one of my dreams came true being on this workshop, TO MEET YOU, because all what I learned and personally experienced about spirituality, is close to your teachings and knowledge. The habbit of asking protection for the flight is also mine, usually Archangel Michael is my best friend to ask in such cases (his aura and energy is purple). Also want to mention that my first visit to Amsterdam, about a year and half ago, gave me the impression that it´s like a Babilon, so many cultures and traditions, so many diferences of thinking and consciousness. I was impressed but also very shortly convinced that I would never live there My roots are strongly connecting me to the amazing and ezoteric land of Transilvania, where the descendents of the Huns,( nation of Attila, the conquerer) with strong shamanic traditions, still continue to live and believe, filled with christianity and strong bond with land. Dutch philosophy about Divine is way more different, although I apreciate the freedom and open mindness. I came here to work and find my own freedom, also to learn to follow my heart´s call. It was the best decision of my life So, I believe that we´ll meet again, very much success and blessings to all the members of this wonderful tribe, LOVE ALWAYS, OLGA
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