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  1. As someone who has began my healing journey, and a follower of you on YT, I must say you nailed it! Your insight has been a great supplement to my healing process, thank you very much! Spot on about Philly though! The culture is totally bewildered. Emotional and holistic health is generally ignored. People sense the pain but are incapable (or too afraid) of digging into why. My suspicion is because there is a toxic tribal, fear-driven, familial culture, thriving on withheld and starved love that no one can admit. Family "values", psychic vampirism, insecurities, personality disorders and traits run rife here, all stemming from deeply wounded inner selves, that generations of people manipulate their subsequent generations and feed their own pain with other's to survive. In coming out of the fog/coming to consciousness and what I've learned myself, This Orwellian cycle of keeping people ignorant, hurting and furious feeds not only the hurting soul-suckers, but anyone else who seeks to dominate, control, and expolit for personal gain, such as giant manufacturing corporations. Neoliberal, cutthroat political economic ideals, despite their hurting of the very people who so blindly hold them, thrive here. It is a self feeding paradox. Very VERY interesting insights from you Teal, as an outsider perspective. In my own healing process one of the things I had to deal with was in fact, "Is the universe out to get me?". This made me so angry, and now I'm seeing that it's not. I was willing to blame everything else for my pain except the people afflicting me externally and my own self-affliction that drew the external to me. Someday, I hope the cycle breaks for all who still wander around in the dark. I just found your blog, and I'm bummed I missed a chance to go to your conference! Thanks!
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