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    Spirit Guide Trauma

    So what is it about the spirit guides that makes them sort of just sit there and watch like you said, do they not offer advice and stuff if you can communicate with them? xxx
  2. I have an idea. You should make a lot more content about suicide, and then that way it will be hard for haters or anyone to determine what content actually made someone supposedly kill themselves... that way it will be a speciality and they cannot condemn you for having a neche that very much should be addressed. One of your first and most important videos should be about the high suicude rate of men currently and what has brought that about! I think it’s a really important subject to touch on at the moment because of all these overly femenist shit that’s been happening and I have seen the Guardian etc post small articles about it so you bringing up such an important and not widely talked about issue around suicide would be interesting. Aside from that, I’m not famous and I don’t have a child so I have no idea what I’m talking about but perhaps if you just said to yourself, you know, it’s alright, it’s okay... all of this is okay and nothing much has changed since before I was famous, only... the whole world hates me as much as I’ve hated myself and loved myself... so fuck it. As long as my team has enough to eat and live regardless of whether I’m supplying that, and we are all safe: what else matters really? Fuck the world. Fuck em hard. And in regards to feeling isolated. Again I have no idea what I’m saying, but I think you can do better than that Teal. I think you have the power to manifest genuine connections with people and people or a partner who is not scared of your fame, or overly dependent on it... yes maybe perhaps they will need to be famous too, but get manifesting!
  3. PhoebeMallett

    Teal on Make-Up

    TEAL TEAL TEAL You should try this brand i've become an independent consultant for. Its called Arbonne and it's completely cruelty free and they have never ever tested on animals!! Also, all the ingredients are ethically sourced and include all kinds of beautiful botanical formulations. Annddd the pigment in the colours are amazing!! my sponsor is the head of hair and make-up and sky news in the UK and she always thought vegan make-up with rubbish, until she discovered Arbonne. Seriously, you should check it out! heres a link to my personal webpage with Arbonne: http://PhoebeMallett.arbonne.com
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