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  1. Teal, you're da bomb, no doubt. People were just being honest with you and that's a great thing. It is after all, what you ask for. thanks for your honesty sista, always feeling you ?? we all need a rant now and then lol
  2. Hey Teal, thanks for the blog. Just wanted to share some thoughts and gut instincts. I used to live in Thailand and I actually felt less suffering there than I do in the Western world. In the western world I'm intrinsically bombarded with people's suffering because of their reluctance to show it. I have found that in contrast- people of developing countries are more at ease with their circumstance compared to their 'everything is not enough' counterparts. People are generally happier in themselves and yes, they do scam foreigners- you are not alone, but it is a small inconvenience in the abundance it is to experience such a different culture. I am willing to admit I loved living like a queen in Thailand and I was wary for myself when I started to adopt some entitlement status. I think living in an entirely different culture challenges everyone. You are talking about integration in others but first, you need to start with yourself. At this point in time you are not in a position to speak of a new world when you cannot appreciate your current. On an energy level, appreciating German efficiency and Swiss chocolate is rather reflective of you right now. Those are incredibly egotistical things. I'm sorry to say you sound spoilt and an ego maniac. I think you need to be told. You have taught us well in recognising the difference. Take some time out.
  3. Aw whaaaaat?! Seriously..so I was drawn to this post immediately when I saw it on fb..maybe the big blue whale ? And this morning I posted on Instagram with a random whale emoticon??! AND I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS seriously teal if there's any way I can help you- please let me know. If I can channel and be part of this in some way- I'm down and ready. I'm sure you get this all the time but I have a feeling that I'm meant to put this out there. before I left for Australia I dreamt of watching whales on a boat with my grandma and they were enticing me in to the water ? Wasn't really feeling it! But my grandma who is passed told me I had to go in ? So in we went and then I was like- that's enough now! Up to my shins all I could see before me was the never ending darkness and that's what petrifies me about the sea. That at night you're engulfed in black and you don't know what's below. My grandma enticed me further and I said ' there might be sharks out there' but she told me ' you have to'. and I don't have anymore to say about that
  4. Oh girl...so on it!! As in you're so on it! Just left Scotland for Australia three weeks ago and 1 week ago drastically left a terrible situation I ended up in. I felt so liberated in doing so but so extreme. And I left someone behind And that is very sad for me right now. I chose freedom and he chose to do the same thing he's been doing. And that was heart renching. But what can I do. I didn't have any other choice but to go right that minute. thankyou for helping me put this very difficult past week into perspective much love ???
  5. I have been listening to your video on figuring out our core value. After some time I realised it was the very obvious one of expression, behind everything else. Funnily enough I had been connecting with the fox spirit not that long ago, and so it's so lovely to see you appear as such Ending with 'express yourself' which is exactly the motto of the week; in song and feeling and now here. Thankyou teal for such a lovely post. It's reminded me of both astral travel experiences recently, to steamboat springs Colorado which has a higher energy, and how amazing it was to walk around! Lol and my dream as a dragon embodiment. Pretty cool! I hope bring the warrior in Me to everyday life. Lots of love beauty
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