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  1. Ripley

    @Tessa Rae she has estrogen receptive breast cancer. I read that iodine can block estrogen rom effecting breast cells of something to that effect. I told her about this and she was very receptive and will talk to her doctor about it. Thanks so much
  2. Ripley

    @Tessa Rae thanks for the feedback. I’ll define figure out the type of cancer. She was diagnosed yesterday and I didn’t want to ask too much then. I’ve never heard of iodine supplementation but it sounds like a really good idea and I’m sure to look into it. My grandpa is moving towards plant based. He eats a a lot more plant foods than those on a standard American diet. My grandma’s diet isn’t great. She’ll go out and get fast food sometimes. I’ll see if I can bring these things up when the time is right. And you’re right, it’s ultimately their decision. Thanks a bunch
  3. Breast cancer diagnosis help My grandmother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s very small, they caught it early, and it am easily treatable kind. I know that a plant based vegan diet has been shown to help those with cancer. Should I tell her? I don’t know if that would be pushy. She must be very overwhelmed. I need some help
  4. Ripley

    @Garnet thanks a lot for the info. I have been whole foods vegan for over a year and vegetarian for two years before that and I exercise regularly. I eat some kind of processed or junk food maybe once or twice a month. I have used epsom salt before but other than that have not done any kinds of cleanses. I’ve watched some of Andreas’ videos and I am considering getting his book. I don’t plan to attempt the flush until I have read the book and feel ready. I really appreciate the feed back
  5. Ripley

    Liver flushes Hi Im considering doing a liver flush, specifically Andreas Mortiz’s method. I know Teal has recommended it in the past but I want to know your opinions. Have you done this flush? Do you think it works? Thanks
  6. Ripley

    I have a family friend who’s been vegetarian for 15 years and has two healthy, beautiful kids. I’ve been vegan for over a year and vegetarian for 2 years before that. I feel great
  7. Ripley

    Pmdd treatment Hi. I’ve dealt with sever mood swing 10 days to 2 weeks before my period along with physical symptoms. I often get suicidal, irritable, have low self esteem, fatigue, nausea, paint, swelling/bloating, headaches and other things. I am fine after I get my period and for a week or two after. I am going to see a gynecologist and ask if she has any remedies. I don’t always feel comfortable w modern medicine, particularly birth control and psych meds. I feel like talking to a gyn will help because I bottle up my feelings and I lie to myself and others and tell myself that I am fine and not struggling. My life is very controlled and I think these may be some of the reasons I have this issue in the first place. Does anyone else have pmdd or pms and want to share experiences and treatments? Thanks I feel very scared and frustrated.
  8. I’m terrified of being raped I don’t ever recall being sexually assaulted. However I live in a house where I’ve had to give up my boundaries, and I’m just learning how restrained and fearful I am about communicating with people. I feel like these circumstances, along with agonizing over it have made me so scared of being assaulted. I can’t speak for all women but this fear feels more than the natural fear a women may have when walking alone at night. It feels like there’s more to it that I’ve yet to uncover. I know that pushing my fear to the side won’t help. I’ve tried to not let myself feel victimized but I always end up supressing the way I really feel. Do any of you feel the same or similar? Thoughts? thanks I should also note that I’m going away to college this fall and I’ll be living on my own for the first time. I already feel alone in my family, and the thought of telling them that I’d been asualted makes me feel weird. I feel very uncomfortable being vulnerable around them. This is something that’s been in the back of my mind for years and is now bubbling up because I’ll be leaving soon.
  9. Ripley

    Venting My mom and younger brother don't get along, and he's the scapegoat of the family. Today she started snipping at him about being on his phone, and I mumbled "don't" under my breath. She heard and told me that this isn't my decision. It makes me very angry because I feel powerless to telling her that her relationship with my brother is very painful to experience (I know that that isn't entirely her fault). I just don't know exactly what to tell her or if it is worth it since she has narcissistic qualities. But I can see how much it hurts my brother so I don't quite know what to do. She made me feel like a shameful child. I am going to do inner child work on this later bc we're all leaving the house now. I wanted to write about it here because I almost always bottle up how I feel and I don't feel safe talking to my family members about it right now.
  10. @Garnet my brother and I are getting along. We are going to get lunch his afternoon:). @Mai-da I am working on disconnecting and asserting my boundaries. I’m seeing progress in the latter.
  11. @Mai-da thank you for the advice. I’ve been trying my best to be loving to my brother. It was just a few months ago that I realized that I was being mean to him too. I tend to dissociate and daydream a lot. It makes it hard be aware around my parents because whenever I feel uncomfortable I disconnect from everything. I have tried talking to my mother directly but nothing seems to get through to her.
  12. How to address narcissistic parents as a minor? Hi, I live in a family with a narcissistic mother and a codependent father. My little brother is a scape goat and I’m the golden child. How do I communicate with my mother about how painful it is to live in this family dynamic. It’s incredibly painful to watch my parents treat my brother like he’s not good enough, and I know I’m enabling it by not saying my feelings. I’m not sure if I should stay and try to “fix” things or if I should give my family and myself some space. I’m still in high school so physically moving away isn’t an option until next year. Any help? thanks
  13. CRAZY full moons... Has anyone else noticed a lot of upheaval during or around the las few full moons? For the past 4-5ish months whenever there's a full moon I have family drama or crazy mood swings. I stared at the moon earlier today, and a few minutes ago I came out of some intense shadow work. Is it always like this and I haven't noticed anything? Or is this new? Thoughts?
  14. Restricted eating and late period I've been restricting the food I eat since march/April(ish). I went vegan from vegetarian and I've never had a good relationship with food or my body so I started restricting and trying to be super healthy while exercising. I'm the lowest weight I've ever been and I know it's unhealthy but it's difficult for me to eat enough. I feel really full and I like having something I can control like this. Now my period is a week late and I'm not sure if undereating and over exercising caused it. Does anyone have any experience with disordered eating. I'm making an effort to eat more and look into the psychological reasons I'm doing this, but I'd like to hear anyone else's experience.
  15. Ripley

    Spirituality doesn't have to be about transcendence. I think spirituality is more about learning about yourself, transcendence is often a result of that. I find it more freeing and relaxing to not expect anything from meditation. Sometimes I get relaxed, sometimes different emotions bubble up. I had the a similar experience as you earlier today when I tried to meditate. I got annoyed that my brain was so jumpy. So I let my mind go crazy for a little bit and noticed that I feel very stressed. I didn't come out of the meditation feeling peaceful and calm, but I did learn more about myself in the moment, and I think that's ok:)