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    Peak Narcissism

    You were amazing in L.A.. I am so glad I saw you. I had a bit of anxiety to be honest, but I was actually in the room with you...BAM! My thought, " She is more amazing an ever!" THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU DEARLY!
  2. akristin23

    Life Changing

    Recently, I conciously experienced my higher self embodied (I think). It was after a channelling session (I think) in the car. A wave of negative emotion took hold of me I parked the car, cried my eyes out as usual, called this great teacher guy who helped me "channel". He called in his spirit guide (I think) & then after I asked questions & realized I had that too...i.e higher self or spirit guide & then "she" came inside me or I brought her in consciously, got out of the car, walked around Walgreens completely guided & accompanied & free & beautiful & kind & excited...everything I know I am. I now just practicing to embody those qualities. So much is changing fast & I am glad I get to share this on here! Thank you!
  3. A New Cycle of our life has begun!
  4. Absolutely Beautiful! I love these insights. It helps me take a deeper look at my own life. Thank you Going to share this info with my mother. I'm pretty sure she was part of royal courts in her past life
  5. akristin23

    Teal and Graci

    Yay Graciela! ?
  6. akristin23

    Key To Relationships

    You look beautiful! My kind of style! Can't wait to hear good techniques on how to make each other feel nourished!
  7. AMAZAWA......! Yay! So cute guys ?
  8. akristin23

    Sheltering Children

    Oh MY this video Hit me so hard. Like most do, but wow! I love it. Thank you. I can't wait for the parenting book
  9. I'm so happy you went Teal! & Teal Family. I spend 2 months in El Castillo in a resort called Essense Arenal learning a bit permaculture on their farm. I recommend to volunteer there for a bit. It's remarkable
  10. akristin23


    Who did you play with? ?
  11. I heart this so bad! So Freaken bad! Thank you so much Teal Team & Teal Swam! I love you! ???????
  12. akristin23


    If I had all the money in the world I'd sit outside in a comfort chair & see the sunrise every morning. I'd take the morning very slow, exercise & play with my dog.
  13. OH MY GOD! How do you do it Teal? Another amazing journey you took me on. Thank you
  14. Holy sh*t I can't stop crying! Exactly the blog I needed to read at this time. Thank you Teal! Thank you, thank you, thank you & accept my thank yous....hahaha & btw the way I wonder if my soul has conciously sat at the edge of the 11thD. Something tells me no, but that I definitely desire to.
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