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  1. until

    Hi, I'm flying into Logan and am not certain yet about renting a car. Would love to be in the loop about driving out on Friday. Do you know what time you'll be leaving on Friday and what time you'll be heading back to Boston? I'll try to figure out how to message you too Thanks...I'm so looking forward to being with these 3 presenters and meeting other Tealers.
  2. Teal, I hope you are skiing in your gorgeous town these crystal winter days....being in nature, especially alone. I cannot imagine being you, trying to integrate your extra-ness while still living life as a human. Yet here you are. As you've taught us: whatever our struggle, it should be happening ... because it is. You are the bravest person. I'll be crossing the country to attend Kripaula and support you lining up with 2 other respected presenters. It's such a different venue for you to continue being introduced to new populations. It's a beautiful place, maybe you could extend your time to find some respite yourself. Let me know if I can help you in any way. About risks, I got a clear message about pushing my comfort zones at Teal Tribe camp. My cautions [fear] and mental justifications [risk-avoidance] led to being so self-absorbed that I even missed your surprise visit - which was a big regret. Cacooned in my tent just feet away - yet so oblivious to others. A bittersweet but crystal clear lesson. So we steady on...see you next month.
  3. Beautiful Teal, Thank you.
  4. No practical suggestions as I'm still in shock. My heart goes out to you, all I can offer is to know that you are not alone. I also feel destabilized. And now more than ever I am grateful for the few sources I have found that make sense to me - like Teal and Marianne Williamson.
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you Teal. When I graduated from a clinical psych masters program decades ago, we received this scroll along with diplomas.
  6. THANK YOU You brought a feeling of happy to my day...
  7. until

    Thank you!!
  8. until

    Does anyone have ideas to help keep the mountain mosquitos, etc. away?
  9. Hi, I'm between Seattle and Tacoma (and between careers too ) Are any other PNW-tribers going to the July gathering in Utah?
  10. Are you staying out of love or fear....If you're very often conflicted about him, research narcissistic men in relationships to rule out if you are caught in a dynamic where you are consistently off-balance not so much from your shadows but as a result of bonding with this type....
  11. Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Mother Theresa
  12. THANK YOU. As I'm deep in healing crises I'm not very articulate these days. Just wanted to say you inspired me, helped me and I'm very grateful you posted!