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  1. Google shows all profiles Hello, If you google on your name, or on, you get a list of all profiles. Is there a way to avoid your profile popping up on Google ? It might be uncomfortable or unsafe for certain members when the whole world can see you're on
  2. Stijn

    I communicate with them by holding them in my left hand and then I just talk to them. Then I wait for thoughts popping up in my mind. I accept any thought, any answer without questioning them. It wasn't easy in the beginning but after a while you will be able to distinguish their thought forms from your own. I learned that there are crystals which easily respond, and there are crystals which never respond. Or they only respond after the x time. Sometimes they respond with images or dreams. I've got a spirit quartz that has put a song in my head for many months each time I held it What helps is that you first ask their permission to communicate, and that you address the right question to the right crystal. I mean, it's useless to ask a quartz crystal how a malachite could help you. Also, don't be surpised if they give funny answers, or play tricks with you. They love to do that
  3. Stijn

    Hello Bernadette, Did you read Hibiscus' blog about what it means when your crystals disappear ?
  4. Stijn

    I love crystals and minerals, and rocks. I collect them since 40 years (but not the whole time actively), and I've always believed in their healing powers. But since I saw Teal's video on crystals I believe they are living beings. I try to communicate with them, it's not always easy, some are very quiet or sleeping, but others respond with thoughts or dreams, or even noises. Who else does communicate with them? How do you do it?