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  1. Dear Teal, Thank you for this lovely post. I found it supportive, as a writer and intuitive, that has yet to publish her first book. As of late, I've felt stuck with my endeavors and decided to write about that the other day to my friends and it felt vulnerable but was received well. The need to express became so utterly urgent that my insecurities about sharing my own wounded past and unsettled experiences (moving from one house to another) both to heal myself and unsterstand people's suffering better, fell away. I can finally begin to share this part of my life in order to access my creativity and restart my processing to write my novel again.To move forward from this stagnant feeling is a huge relief. This stuck experience had been effecting my romantic life and creative self, to the point I had to face this split aspect of myself. The split which occurred during a pivotal growth spurt in my life included - simultaneously - the great experience of light, joy and love in wildlife setting which also matched me to a very dark setting that in this story physically trapped me. This part of me has been in a constant struggle of wanting to hide, self-destruct my creative life and wanting desperately to express herself. It is as if I now have locked my gifts in this cage and am having difficulty retrieving them because of these past experiences taking control of me and doing it's best to disconnect me from a world that exists within. The dream world, animal spirit kindom and my experiences in portland speak deeply to my heart. Thank you, that is all. I hope to meet the mentor to guide me in writing my book at your next gathering in December. Emaho. Peace be rooted in your heart always sister, you have already helped and healed so many. I hope you continue to fiercely carry that hope & deep love forward.
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