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  1. PatrickWanek


    I it...So funny
  2. PatrickWanek

    Unspoken History

    Omg! This is so interesting...I want more Thank you for the hystory lesson...Teal you will never stop amaze me.?
  3. Guys thank you for that video. It felt like I am part of it. So much joy and connection. Waiting for the cook book to be out.
  4. PatrickWanek

    Hot Seat

    I would like to understand and see the world from your perspective Teal and spend the day with your community. Have great day. that was really fun update. And the course is brilliant idea so many women suffers from sexual abuse and they lonely with that pain. X
  5. PatrickWanek

    The Bridesmaid

    Teal you are so sweet. And you look absolutely fab in pink ? congrats to your friend.
  6. PatrickWanek


    So excited to see the episode about the fame. And also I noticed that people always saying to let go of sth you need to forgive first. And I always feel desire to punch people whenever they saying that. oh well...that’s the truth ?
  7. PatrickWanek

    Fire Ceremony

    So powerful ? i feel so much lighter after the workshop. Appreciate Teal ?
  8. Wow I moved back to the area where I was born for a bit... Denver... amazing!
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