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  1. Thanks so much Teal for your continuity of love while supporting us with your incredible knowledge.
  2. Fantastic workshop! Always on target with issues the world needs to address. Keep going!
  3. Incredible, amazing expansion in your workshops Teal and staff.
  4. Nancy Brown


    Absolutely amazing content with great wisdom.
  5. I relate so well with Lynn and her pain her mother not wanting her. Thank you Teal and staff. Excellent work~!!
  6. This is an incredible blog. It informs us of many things that need to be addressed in society today. Even grandparents are being given custody of young children because the parents can't afford to care for their babies. Tribal communities are an awesome idea to help ensure the care of our children. I hope awareness for this type community for family support awakens and grows into an international phenomenon. Nancy Toms Brown
  7. This workshop is awesome, excellent, inspiring and like all workshops I have seen get better each time. Thank you Teal.
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