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  1. Clara Isadora

    Seasons Change

    This is probably my favorite update yet! Personally, because I love the miss between the "normal view" and the attuned view. There is so much sweetness and attention in your care of other beings. This certainly put a smile on my face.
  2. I would be curious how many of us that follow your material have done a parts work session with the aspect of themselves that is a racist. I did it a few days ago and it was really interesting to see why that part of me adhered to racist and sexist ideologies. These ideologies rested on a foundation of perceiving a lack of resources and having no one there to protect and ensure those resources would be available. Once I introduced the idea that there actually is technology and more being developed for renewable resources, and just opened this parts eyes to how much abundance, food, etc there i
  3. The thing that has been the most difficult for me is trying to figure out what I am doing with my career and my ability to make money in conjunction with this huge feeling of not being able to create connection. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are deeply related. I have been struggling with these two things and their interconnectedness for a couple of years now, and this time has just amplified it. I have been in this space before, and yet I still cannot seem to find the key.
  4. Clara Isadora

    LA Workshop

    That is one of the sweetest daily updates. It is amazing to actually see all the people Teal has touched in just one event. I can only imagine the global community. It is truly amazing how much effect one person can have on the world. Thank you Teal. What you are doing is truly remarkable.
  5. Hi Teal, I extend my heart to you and your team as you are going through this upheaval and turmoil. I think quite a lot about my experience of you and my relationship to you as a popular figure and teacher. As I grow, this relationship matures as well, and I continue to see you more clearly, but it can definitely be a confusing one. There seems to be a weird dance I do in relationship to the gifts you have, what you can see vs. what I can't, and staying within my own power and my self as I look to you for guidance or tools. When we are looking for someone who can help us when we have fel
  6. Clara Isadora


    I deal with them all the time. Often times, they grab my attention through unpleasant dream experiences. Honestly, they break my heart. That their attachment can be so strong that it won’t release itself. They are the most direct examples of the traps of our attachments. I have so much compassion for them.
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