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    The Lost Tooth

    Dear Teal, I broke down in tears as I read this piece. It struck a cord so deep within me and a massive release occurred. It was painful and incredibly healing. My hands are still shaking as I write this. I have felt so incredibly alone in the parenting of my daughter. She lost her first this tooth this month too and literally nobody until now could understand why it upset me so deeply. It sent me of into spirals of thought, I was overwhelmed with worry and regret and self-hate. I have been giving myself such a hard time for KNOWING exactly how I wish to raise my daughter but not being able to figure out how to practically create the life we need to be living. Until I found you online a few years ago, I genuinely believed there was no one else who felt and thought the way I do about humanity and the world we live in. They very nearly had me convinced that they were right and I was sick and insane and needed to put down (at least that's what being chemically sedated feels like to me. No thank you very much.) . Thank YOU so much, for speaking out and finding me too. This post has encouraged me to keep going, keep looking for a way to create a life my daughter and I need. I dream of finding like-minded people I too could live in an intentional community with. Alas, I have yet to line up with a single soul here where we are and feel trapped in the single-working-mom cage that keeps us from living in freedom. Nothing hurts or could hurt us more than not going after what our hearts know is right for us. I know and am admittedly terrified of the opposition I will face as a result of pursuing a life that contradicts and offends other people's existence but I am far more terrified of submitting to fear and staying "safe" where we are. Thank you for continually reminding me that I am not alone. Love and Light x x
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