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  1. I hated you when you were perfect Untouched and just you It all withered away lost goes my view So where am I now? Left and really far into the hole I created. So far it feels this lifetime is over I’m not even me anymore I hated me so much and I was so little, I pushed myself so far away So far away from everyone else I disappeared
  2. Zoey

    Thank all of you so much for taking your time to reply to me and help me out. Each of your comments taught me something. I actually feel better now and see a little clearer. Thanks for that, truly. I still have so much to learn.. so is my higher self my blissfull/happy self? Will I develop a healthy relationship with my ego that does not bloat my solar plexis? And finally, do I let go of my parents, will they ever learn? Anyways, I feel not so alone now :))
  3. Zoey

    Hopeless Right now I feel alone. I don't understand . Why can I not be happy! Why don't I feel love! Why do I always cry? My efforts are meaningless. My ego hurts me. Everyone tells me I am wrong. No one seems to want me. No one has ever caref for my feelings. Sad too much. Cry too much. Angry too much. I am 20 years old with a shattered emotional body and a seriously stubborn mind. My parents do not care about me. They never want to confront my sad side, my hurt self. I reflect my parents sadness, frustration, depression, they can not even emit it! Let alone say sorry. I couldnt be happy anymore because my sad self was never addressed. Everything i feel is wrong, but I cant help it. Now I want to be alone. I tell others I am worthless. I am a burden. I ruined every friendship, partnership, every relationship was my jealousy or sadness or self-hate. I am no good