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  1. avilesandres

    "Let Go" Day

    Yes! I want to see those drawings, this is what I've been waiting for
  2. avilesandres

    Change Your Name?

    That's a really beautiful drawing (or symbol, or whatever it is :p)
  3. avilesandres

    Herb Bath

    Just listening to the sound of the fire and water is relaxing
  4. I have a hoodie that's the same color
  5. avilesandres

    Teal's Safe Space

    That's so relaxing
  6. avilesandres

    Taking Requests

    More esoteric content You know we're thristy for esoteric content
  7. avilesandres


    Of course we've seen it. Yes, it being specific is good. A lot to take in. xie xie
  8. Waiting for the 2021 forecast

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