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  1. I'm Italian and I live in London. But I'm happy for the brexit. I agree completely with the Soviet Union comparison of UE. Read page 39 of this assay, this journalist is a genius. The chapter "Beyond the wildest imagination": https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2ESBYeH0uvvMjJkZDM2YTMtODI5MS00OTJjLTk2ZGUtMTE5YmIwZWZiNmI4/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1 So well done about the brexit! But what is going to happen is an Americanization of uk I think. I will miss them in Europe. I don't know why you say that Muslim are going to be affected by the brexit. Maybe for the Americanisation of UK. It's not a mystery the propaganda anti Muslims done (by USA in particular) for justifying our violent presence in their countries. I can say that these years in London have been amazing. A ma zing. No borders (for me), multi culture to the greatest extent, stimulation, how we were living together so normally. Where are you from? Korea, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Brasil, Finland, Marocco, Iraq. And it was funny for me to see how the anti Muslim propaganda here had not effect AT ALL! You know, when the tv and news paper say "terrorist attak in ..". Elsewere you start to look at the Muslims differently. Here not! Here Muslim is the guy that sells you cigarettes, the guy of the laundery, the cool guy that you fancy so much, the friends, coworkers. Amazing, this is the future. No borders, multi culture, the couples, the kids are all mixed. And the food. And peace. And the black guys, with their style. Here I've seen the future of humanity. Peace, variety and sunshine. This is how I describe the atmosphere here before the referendum. (Apart of those coincidences that Teal describes happening in London, sometimes unpleasant..) From yesterday the atmosphere is changed. We are all waiting. It's ok, they couldn't continue in Europe. Enough is enough. What gave UK the chance to go out is the pressure of USA. This is my feeling. USA wants UK. As at the time of tony blair I guess. I don't know about the other countries. I hope we will free ourselves on our own. But I really can't imagine how. Anyway, I'm happy to have tasted a bit of this future in London. Like me everyone who has lived here these years. Now I know how the world will be. And I don't accept anything less than that. You know, when you start to see everything less than that as pathetic, unacceptable? It's when you bring a change where you go. Even if you stay silence.
  2. I would like to shere an artist that knows about feeling and expressing emotions. : )
  3. Ambra

    Sin City

    When I say that the point has no dimension and so the line, I mean that if you zoom in it you see it smaller, and smaller and smaller. The microcosm. But still inside the one that we saw from a farther prospective. So you are able to distinguish in situations borther line where they fall in: stepping a boundary or my freedom? Such as 'at 50 I want a son. Is it fair to use the technology to have him? Am I stepping the boundary of that being?'.
  4. Ambra

    Sin City

    I actually think there is a Right and Wrong. And wisdom is about getting closer to those. I think that we must respect everyone (and everything). And within our personal boundaries we are free to do whatever we want. That's it. I prefer the word 'ethics'. I heard that moral is about what the society of the moment dictates, ethic is math, logic, the boundaries are as precise and defined as mathematic. But where are they. It's the logic that wins. Everyone exposes their point. Coscience I don't know. Maybe it's related to the heart. So today I found an ant freaking out because from my bag he found himself in my house and I walked back to the park to release him there. Was it wrong not to do it? No. It was the ant responsibility if he was in that situation. But I had compassion. An example for me of what you say about what today is moral and not in the future. Selling animals. Keeping animals without the supervision of the society. Selling and using drugs. One day it will be legal. I'm free to do what I want on myself. Killing ourselves. I don't know if it is legal. Not that it really matters. : )) maybe there will be clinics that do it. For sure. We will still eat meat because it is allowed by the nature, but it will be illegal to breed animals like we do it now. Respect. The true is in the respect. It's not true that respect is relative, respect is mathematic. I can pretend that doing what I'm doing to you I'm not stepping your boundary, but how come that if the same is done to me I get p off? I strongly don't believe that everything is relative. The opposit. And I don't think that god or universe or our coscience doesn't judge. Or rather discernes. And make justice. There would be no Justice without Right and Wrong. Yes, when you say that the universe doesn't judge I disagree. He doesn't when you want a sexy girlfriend as you said. But he does when you cheat for example. You step the boundary of saying the false. The truth is a right. Or just shut up. These boundary lines are mathematic. And never change. But as in mathematic a point has no dimension and neither the line. So the closer we look at it the harder is to classify some situations. Of course a serial killer steps a boundary. But what about a soldier? A soldier that defends his country by invaders can kill because is reacting to a stepping boundary of the same intensity. A soldier that goes in another country can't. And what about... and so on. The devil is in the details is the say. the higher our awareness gets the more we see these lines detailed. So if before meeting a friend that had a crash on me was fine and made me feel good with myself, after being used in a similar way I stopped doing it. Even if he is not mature enough to see the boundary violated I know that I would violate it. The topic about boundaries is my topic that's why all these words. Yes I want justice. There is no peace without justice and I agree. Thank you, this forum is amazing. And you are one of my favourite teachers. : )
  5. About the women. It's true. But what can we do. I'm bloody jealous. I fall in love with guys that don't love me. And then they fall for other girls. Often my girl friends. I'm sorry but I hate them. I envy them. i know, bla bla bla bla bla bla. Words. Attractive women remind me loudly how much I'm not. then I understand that people with a poor honor code like many of us are, triggered like this start to act in a mean way. i just remove myself from the situations. it's so painful. If we are friends, I fancy a guy and he fancies you, I can't be a good friend anymore, bye bye. that's why I'm very kind when a woman seems jealous of me. I know what she is going through. I try to be her teacher. maybe I have something that she hasn't jet.
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