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  1. Hi! I can actually help you with this as I just recently went through the CP process with the exact sensation of being numb and resistant. What my practitioner told me to do was to just allow the feeling of numbness to be there. Validate the feeling of being numb. Let it stay for as long as you need it to. It's there because it serves a purpose, so honor that. Perhaps ask yourself when was the fist you time you were not allowed to feel it seems you're not okay with being numb. Hope this helps!
  2. @Pastor George Yes, you're exactly right! I have been focusing on the disappointment which has been feeding into all the negativity I feel. It's so hard to break that cycle!!!!
  3. I hear what you're saying and there is a part of me that wants to reach out and ask him what his intentions were. However, the bigger part of me is wanting to cut all communication with this guy, put him in the past, and just move on.....since he did so already. Wow. That's a great way of looking at it. Thank you for sharing that perspective...I definitely needed that! My heart would have liked to continue to get to know this guy but now that he's moved on I feel obliged to move on as well.
  4. Tips for Getting Over a Bruised Ego So I finally started putting myself out there by trying to meet romantic partners online. I ended up having a great connection with this one guy. Well turns out I think he was only interested in me to appease his sexual desires. He ends up moving to another state the next day!!! And i found out through his social media he already has a gf there. So here's what I need help with: 1. How can I be that bad at reading someone's intentions? He made me feel so comfortable, understood, and desired. Now I see it as manipulation and I feel like a fool. 2. I feel like I never measure up. Any tips on how to be more approving of myself?? Love to you all!!!B
  5. I'm glad to have some responders! Do you know how much worse I would've felt if nobody responded to my post about connection?? Oh the irony would be too much! And I live in North Carolina. What about you??
  6. I would love to collaborate as well! I live in northern NC. I can do vocals!
  7. i have felt so painfully alone this past week. I am craving spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection and I haven't been able to meet this desire. Is there anyone willing to connect with me??