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  1. Aina

    Human Family

    Happy Thanksgiving Enjoy!
  2. Aina

    Haunted Painting

    She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Aina


    My hobbies/lifestyle.... My horse in my backyard Making salves, cleaning products with essential oils(not sure if that's a hobby..), made soap once and plan to make more.. Mountain biking ( not very advanced but I live in the mountains so any time I go biking would be mountain biking ) I used to go/do down hill skiing (slalom) when I was little. My grandma and step grandpa owned half the ski lift so I had a season pass for free. And they lived right in the middle of the slope. Telemark skiing became popular later and I never got into that. I visited the place where Son
  4. Aina

    What's In My Bag?

    I have a bunch of chop sticks in my kitchen. Fell in love using them as a teenager. I have the same lip balm + 20 others...haha. I have an essential oil first aid kit in my purse (actually two right now) Need to add a tigers eye and remember to bring my purse with me... Teal... I am so happy you shared this! You are amazing for making these notes to give to people. And for being you.
  5. Aina


    I had to unlearn that sensitivity and vulnerability is wrong/stupid/weak..not true.
  6. Aina

    Lucid Dreams

    You are both welcome to visit me again Love this update so much!
  7. Aina

    3 Shadows

    Hi In the daily update about your favorite crystals you said many of them are at Philia. Can you show us?
  8. Aina


    I love you too! Take Care
  9. I wish I could hear you sing Teal And I totally get why two days is max without Blake
  10. Aina

    New Beginnings

    I started a new project today
  11. Aina

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Thank you! What crystals and essential oils would be good to use to enhance shadow work? To assist someone to go into their emotions and find the root?
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