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  1. Aina

    Lucid Dreams

    You are both welcome to visit me again Love this update so much!
  2. Aina

    3 Shadows

    Hi In the daily update about your favorite crystals you said many of them are at Philia. Can you show us?
  3. Aina


    I love you too! Take Care
  4. Aina

    Would Do, But Probably Won't

    I wish I could hear you sing Teal And I totally get why two days is max without Blake
  5. Aina

    New Beginnings

    I started a new project today
  6. Aina

    Root Chakra Crystals

    Thank you! What crystals and essential oils would be good to use to enhance shadow work? To assist someone to go into their emotions and find the root?
  7. I am wearing my Eeyore t-shirt today.. coincidence? Eeyore and Piglet are my favorites and I see myself in them.
  8. Aina

    Teal's Parents' Back Yard

    I get the same feeling watching this as I did with the train track update last year of really wanting to be there. Definitely need to go to Colorado one day!
  9. Aina

    Wind Down

    Animals!! If I really need comfort..hugging my horse or just standing beside him, and holding my cat. Walking around outside doing little things around the stable without pressure of what has to be done. Allow myself to feel whatever I feel, sometimes I forget... Having people around that feels good to be with. Doesn't happen that often... Sitting by the water in the mountains. Editing pictures. Looking at pictures and cute and tiny things I have around the house. Watching a romantic comedy, like Fool's Gold.
  10. Aina

    Hot Seat

    The first I thought of was my horse. I would really like to know how he see his life and how he see me. I would also like to be in the perspective of people I don't understand, so I could understand them. (People I interact with) And I would definitely want to be in your perspective Teal so I could know and understand your world.
  11. Aina

    Tidying Up

    This inspired me, and I inspired a friend that came by while I was tidying. Always proud of you Teal
  12. Aina

    Teal Swan, The Opera Singer

    I really want to hear you sing? I would love to hear your county-voice.
  13. Aina

    New Year Photoshoot

    LOVE the pictures!!
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