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  1. Dear Teal, I am usually a silent follower, lets say. But today I will write to you, because I want you to know how much good you do for me. I dont see you as evil or as perfect, I see you as an extremely talented human being who spreads hope and knowledge and passion and love. When I "discovered" you for myself, I heard of your haters - they are quite loud, but I kept and open mind and I figured out for myself who you are to me. And to me you are a great source of inspiration, your techniques help a lot, I learn so much from your videos and books and most recently Im doing your meditations and it has been quite a journey with you. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU DO!!! I am sorry that I dont participate more actively in letting you know, but at least for today I do - thank you for what you do. Please, keep going. I look forward to your videos every week, I read your webpage cover to cover, I ordered all of your books, Im trying out what works for me from your techniques - and its a lot! Thank you Thank you Thank you Love, Hana
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