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  1. I always think the reason people of ludwig's time and up to a certain point in time conveyed such a sadness about their lives to others was because they knew they wouldn't make it to our generations of time where things are flourishing in the realm of space exploration and technology we use everyday. I cried once watching a clip of Albert Einstein because they ask him a question about what he thought the future would be like and looking back now that he's gone, he never really made it to our time. I've thought about that ever since watching that clip
  2. I love that you released this dream teal it is one is my passions to study dreams of myself and others and to hear this from you is like a special gift. And I mean deep subconscious dreams like you presented with this one here. I have accumulated much wisdom from my own dreams that I wish to share with everyone one day (about timing in and out of dreams, subconscious relations, omens, things like that) but for now I wish to talk about this dream and another dream you had a while ago. With repetitive nightmares, I've found that it is usuallyabout a point in time that has yet to happen but will almost definitely happen and is about death (either yours or someone else). A negative point in time. It's like life is trying to relive itself but in a dark space it can't see yet so it repeats trying to find life .weird part is the event can actually go on and the dream never made a connection to if you can't connect the symbols but I believe you can do it. I remember a repeat nightmare I've had where the second time I had it it was a shared view with my sister where she also remembered the dream but from her own standpoint. We ve talked about it many times before. I'm keeping a watchful eye if it were to ever manifest. Anyway your dream is really beautiful. I think the scariest part is the shin bones on the pavement. Not because of the obvious shedding of blood but because of something else. The raven and ghoul creature don't really compare to shin bones on pavement but I'm getting ahead of myself. If you need help finding out what the raven meant, I have a dream that might help. It was a dream where one of those ghoul creatures was chasing me. I could feel it approaching trying to eat me but when it got really close (my cats were by my side) I saw a baby seal pop out of my own mind? I'm not sure but it made the creature go away. I have more to say about your dream but don't wish to write so much so I'll end it with this. It actually has to do with a old blog you wrote a while back. Remember when you were with sarbdeep and you passed out in the kitchen and had a strange dream about an old man and a pearl? I really feel you passed out because of my own presence. I remember it was one of the first days I had come into your presence again by remembering you from childhood. I could sense the energy and was really surprised when I heard you had passed out. But maybe I feel like you passed out because of the events that were happening at that time (a lot of stuff was happening). Would like your feedback on this.
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    Costa Rica

    I've been to a place like costa rica before. It was beautiful. I also remember feeling unwelcomed and the atmosphere was somewhat dark like everyone was sleeping. I actually wanted to leave before my time was up but there are moments which I clearly remember like driving down a dark road with the rainforest around these deep crevices in the land. definitely serene, its so quite out there. But theres one memory which stood out from the rest and that is seeing a species of moth high in the mountains which I feel hasn't been discovered yet. It looked basically like a moth but had these purple strands of what looked like hair or fur coming out the sides and back. I had taken pictures of them but when we got back the pictures were deleted from my phone. It was strange but thought nothing of it stupidly. If you see any of these moths I would like to know. I'm sure you hear it a lot but I do love you and I try to respect your mind I just hope you stay safe and if I have failed you that is on my shoulders.
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