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  1. Thalia

    I feel like this all comes back to perspective. I, for example, do not feel that life is too short and haven't since I realised that all of this is a just game. After all, if consciousness is eternal, then we never really die anyway. In my healing practice, I've noticed that the clients who get very worked up about this concept that "life is too short" are also the ones that are equally worked up about "getting it right". These individuals often have a very specific idea of what success looks like, and what boxes they need to tick in order to get there. Of course, this is fear based. Once they see and release the fear element, their perspectives naturally change.
  2. Thalia

    This sounds great -- and so simple! Thanks for sharing this special little nugget, Stephanie. I can't wait to try it!
  3. Thalia

    You legend!! Thank you, you made my week
  4. I have kittens on the brain.  In a nutshell:  I WANT ONE!  (Actually, several, but one will do to begin with.)

    Let's all just take a moment to admire young Harry and Hugo for a moment, sprawled on what used to be the carpet of my bedroom floor before I moved out of my parents' place.  Their cuteness level is off the charts.  How could anyone resist!?  :x

    Dear Universe: gimme, gimme!!!!  

    Who's with me? :P


    1. Mybaby


      So cute! I was thinking about getting a kitten too :)

  5. Hi Faye First: I truly admire and appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable, here on this forum. Second: I am so sorry you had to go through that as a child. It must have been awful, and I think your willingness to re-experience your childhood trauma related to losing your dad and (in effect) your mum through shadow work is really brave. I feel like my wounds (re: emotional neglect/abuse especially) are similar to yours, and so I thought I'd share with you what has been working for me, as well as anything else I think might help you out. The biggest thing I can recommend is being honest with yourself about the possibility that part of your 'abandonment issues' stem from the fact that you are still abandoning yourself. How are you never there for you? (That is what I came to learn about myself.) This also relates to the 'clinginess' ( likely a fear of loss/abandonment) you experience in relationships. If you believe that your reality is essentially a mirror of your internal world, try examining your romantic relationships as a reflection of your relationship with yourself. Ask: "How is it true that I abandon myself?" Now, in your adult life, one way I began to heal my old wounds was to try and 'parent' myself. It's worth a shot and has the potential to make a big different. If you suddenly feel angry, for example, try to validate the emotion the same way you wished your feelings had been validated as a child and find a (self-loving) way to express it. Do everything you can to be there for yourself in ways your parents never could be. You wrote about always having to be "a warrior" -- to be "strong." To help with this, I remember watching (on YouTube) Teal recommending a technique that involves asking yourself "Harder or softer?" for every single decision you make throughout the day. I think the example she used was that if you're choosing whether to buy an apple or an orange at the supermarket, for example, you ask yourself "harder or softer?" and if the answer you get is that the orange is "softer", you go with that. No questions. Just go with whatever you intuitively know to be in alignment with softness. This tool has helped me massively. Losing your dad must have been hugely traumatic. For that reason, I feel like it will likely take more unconditional presence and love to integrate than any other wound. Shadow work is great, however if you're finding that you're not having much success on your own, it could be a good idea to consider contacting on of Teal's Completion Process practitioners. The experience alone of having someone sit with you in your pain could very well be incredibly healing in itself! I also found Teal's book, Shadows Before Dawn, really useful as well. I hope some of this helps you, Faye! Teal Tribe is here for you.
  6. Thalia

    Hey -- I'm just loving the new site! Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of Teal's frequency paintings (like so many others), and browsing through them just now got me thinking: Would it ever be possible to have them made into t-shirts? It would be so cool to see Teal Tribe members all over the world rocking 'frequency fashion'! (That could be a thing, right? Anybody?)