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  1. I don't know who will be reading this, but I am truly at the point of total surrender to the system. I have heard Teal talk about this for some time now and I never really thoughtit was for me because I like my space and being by myself part of the day. I love where I'm from although I know what's coming. I do not have issues with doing things by myself although I do enjoy doing things with people of like mind which I only have one friend of like mind and thank god I have at least one. I guess I don't have a problem with being alone because I was born premature and I dealt with isolation from the moment I was born, but now I am ready for a major change because I just don't fit in the system and I am exhausted from trying. Can anyone send me a link or web site where I can look into this deeper. I have no job no money to go to work shops at this time so any information will help. Thank you. Love you Teal., you are the best. Love, Cindy from Brooklyn, NY
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