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  1. How would you recognize people who dont like you vs people who are jealous of you? Not just indifference to you when sharing your space at work, but who would hurt you Because they dont like you? because they envy you? Or simply to fit in at your cost?
  2. thank you for sharing @Eveslofl Ironically we're teaching what we have come here to learn. To me I think the most painful feelings since growing up are feelings of insignificance, grantedness or not enough. So I would t hink my purpose has to do with worthyness, value and integrating feeling loved, <3
  3. Do you know your core intention for this life? Heya! Would'nt it be interesting if when meeting people instead of asking the common questions like what do you do for a living you could express what you and they are about at a core level? Of course I mean if we were all more conscious about it. So I thought I would ask you here on the subject : What is your life purpose? !, Do you know what your core negative imprint is?? I'm adding the video here in case anyone feels inspired on the subject too. I watched the video a long time ago but I think it's very interesting how every person has their own core signiture and purpose.
  4. Vsk

    It surprises me you asked this question. Because in my case it's the opposite i get a lot of visual or mental information about things, sometimes its great because its intution or creative, other times its negative information and exhausting. I would ask you how do you not see things and see in blank? I'm guessing you might feel a bit more receptive to another intuitive modality first. Teal spoke about it once : the emotional intuitive, the mental intuitive, the physical intuitive and cant remember the last one, i think its the claircognizance intuition or something, when you just know the answer I would recommend you meditation and see what thoughts, body sensations, feelings and images show up.
  5. Maybe God is dumb or not as wise as it thinks it is for everything. Sad joke
  6. Be carefull with this beleif,,, we have spiritual people who are poor because they think the material and physical things are unspiritual. Unless it's attachment, selfishness... I don't beleive this to be true.
  7. Vsk

    So true Must be a synchronicity! Because you already are all that you want on some level. Though I know that doesn't matter much if you haven't manifested it It reminds me of when you think of something you want, to notice what you feel about it because it tells you how your vibration is towards it. Then having to question what thoughts make you feel that way. Although changing the thoughts around, (like a famous author i heard Byron Katie teach)I think it opens you to new thoughts of perspective but I don't see if it does really help with the feeling aspects
  8. Vsk

    So then people get to be seen for their good aspects because if they express out of the safety limit they would be seen in the wrong way and misunderstood about who they are. I find this confusing because I dont only want to show the accepted aspects, it feels like been there done that or maybe its resistance to the other aspects I'm not showing or being seen for
  9. Vsk

    I totally agree, this resonates to me. Maybe there is an aspect of you that wants to be seen too
  10. What do you want??! What would make you feel you are living a life worth living?? ...or what already does... What is holding u back ?
  11. Vsk

    I would also consider adding in the timeline type page the questions that are being asked in all the forums, like a basic page or separete section. So like, if you are not looking to ask something or a specific category, you would see all the questions
  12. Vsk

    Lada Duncheva from astrolada.com Michelle knight and astrologykrs.com
  13. Vsk

    I think it's because we don't think or know how we can get what we need otherwise. I think it is a type of coping mechanism and survival technique. I used to lie to my parents and sometimes still avoid telling them truths to avoid unnecesary conversations of things they wouldn't understand. I think it's something we learned when we see authenticity will get us into something we are not ready to deal with?
  14. Dating should be fun Im getting bored of guys who i would initially date. It´s like I'm not excited about it. Is it my fault or is it because it just shouldn't be anymore?? Or is it because I should get to know a guy better.? Or maybe its the LOA trying to tell me something LOL! Does this happen to anyone? thanks for answering
  15. Vsk

    I started learning from Brian Weiss and Abraham H. Oh and astrology stuff too