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  1. Listen to me... 1. The way you feel right now is exactly the way youre supposed to feel. It is the correct emotion for feeling hurt and appropriate response to rejection. <YOU taught me to say this verbatim and i use it literally every single day of my life> 2. Feeling sad for yourself is a sign of emotional health it means you are doing what someone who loves themselves would do. In the same way you would feel sad if someone you love was treated meanly... you should feel those same feelings towards yourself because you love you too. In the same way your instincts would lead you to hug and kiss them and maybe make their favorite snack to comfort them.. your instinct is to share your hurt gain comfort from the acknowledgement, release, and support from your friends here on your blog... who like you.. alot. I dont know if you said that or i said it.. but one of us did and either way its correct.. i dunno read MY blog... maybe it will help you it helps everyone else. 3. People are fkng jerkoffs. 4. You KNOW what happened to me. Youre the only one who knows the whole story. You KNOW what that psychologist did to me.. abused her power told everybody exactly what to say tricked me set me up lied and turned EVERYBODY against me. Dude, I DIED.. because of that EVIL WOMAN and i came back... my haters tried to fkng kill me... God said NOWAY. Now not only did i come back stronger.. but i came back gifted too.. just like you.. but without the visuals. POINT = Everytime one of YOUR haters have really gotten rediculus.. YOU end up doing the most AWESOME stuff you do.. like all of your BEST.. the best of the best comes out right after some crazy haterade shitshow... so... ive said it before and ill say it forever DONT STOP. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TEAL. You just keep plowing right through those bastards. Just keep knockin right threw em. ;-) <3 I know it hurts. It's supposed to. But.. YOURE Teal Swan.. so.. go be teal swan and dont take no shit.

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