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  1. Sooo happy for all of you! i am crying happy tears!!
  2. Dorette


    I love the smell of honeysuckle! reminds me of vacations to Italy in my puberty. sun, good food, freedom, being in nature, lots of friends! last few days I have been throwing away stuff that does not make me smile anymore. making room for more color in my house! I am redefining it all! makes me feel honeysuckle!
  3. Reading this gives me the courage to become even more authentic and I am curious how that feels! LVE you always
  4. Dorette


    Enjoy the training and workshop you all! thanks in advance for sharing I bought a ‘ nurture ‘ frequency in Berlin years ago and it still is one of my favorites! lots of xxooxxoo Dorette
  5. Kanga But ready to take risks towards self love!!
  6. Dorette

    Positivity Crystals

    Thank you!! I love to wear my Crysoprase a lot, especially because you touched it A question I get asked a lot is whats the best crystal to wear having physical pain? especially lower back pain. more important to ask how to stop the vibration of lower back pain before it reaches the body. guess we need support! And partswork & CP Love you all!
  7. Dorette

    Mercury Retrograde

    I call it a Butterfly day!

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