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  1. harshal

    Pura Vida

    What the fuck JP sears doing there? Here is a perfect song for you teal- Ludovico Einaudi - Run
  2. I think Teal you are going wrong here. U are missing the point. If you are right and u know it deep inside, u will not justify and ur constant need to justify urselves speaks volumes abt ur fragmented mind. A "WHOLE MIND" does not have need to justify itself for it's action.
  3. We hear stories right form our chikdhood that when hero character in the story endeavour for achieving something great which is being placed in a far fetched mountain and guarded by some fiece dragon, the hero goes to the mission and completes it against all odds . Also in the journey, he gets help from some divine energies and when he achieves his mission,all the people plus the naysayers has the change of heart. so, u must go for the mission
  4. In the home page , where various topics are getting flashed, there should be a forward button to choose the topic we want . That would be a great convenience. thanx in advance.

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