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  1. WOW. I am from Philadelphia. Suburban Philadelphia. I spent many of my art inspired days in the city. These observations are ON POINT! And the synchronicity of the statement regarding the Solar Plexus misalignment is wild. I only a few weeks ago uncovered this issue in myself. I recently stumbled on your videos. I have always been a champion for "digging deep," therapy, talking about feeeeelings, and feeling everything. Somewhere I lost it, I thought. But I recently discovered, I was a fake! I had never REALLY known my true identity. I am excited to embark on this journey. And anyway, to get back to Philadelphia, and its paradoxical name origins... I've thought that for years. How funny a name, so opposite its truth. Around the city you may find periods or moments of "brotherly love," superficially... Philadelphia always sort of felt more like every man for himself. Both physically and emotionally. I am so sorry to learn that I missed an event where you were present. I hope to be in the presence of your energy another time soon!!
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