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  1. Hi teal, im new to your website but I've been watching your YouTube videos for some time, and they have been soooo helpful. I've read ekhart Tolle, Gary zukav , ndwalsch , etc etc and yes, in a way they are very similar to what you are saying but at this point of my life, the format and manner you remind us of these things "we already know" resonates most clearly with me and for that I am so truly grateful!!! Whenever I find myself anxious , stressed or down, your videos never fail to put me in a better space. So don't mind your detractors accusing of plagiarism because at the end of the day, the bottom line is : did you help someone or not, and the answer is an astounding YES! (I read some of your other recent blogs and to your detractors I only have this to say : get a life! ) Btw, i also found this to be very synchronistic because just yesterday I bought my 9yr old the first 3 Harry Potter as I thought she way old enough to appreciate it. So I was amused reading your blog on it. Then philly is memorable for me since I lived/studied there for 2 years (long time ago). I was surprised that there were alarm bells/ropes in all the comfort rooms on campus and I guess that speaks for itself in terms of the city's safety! Fortunately I was younger then and was still more fearless and less anxious than I am right now. Perhaps I was somewhat immune to fear , being from a country where I lived a stones throw from the sites of various coups, disasters and what not. But now, having aged and being a mother, i get more anxious with latest developments in my country and in the world. So, thank you for being a calming presence in my life at a time when I really need it! Thank you, teal!

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