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  1. Natasha88

    Play Time

    Enjoy your down time with your son and family!!!!
  2. Natasha88

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    Wow! Super Duper "Teal pearls" with single Mom with shame... "Can the Dad be there for the MOM? She needs supportive energy. Without it, she collapses...and the kids get starved... being a single Mom isn't possible! You and children not meant to be in a single family home... Single biggest determiner whether a mother is a good mother... whether they have a supportive partner... so the major argument for a "good Dad" is can the Dad be there for the Mom? If man's energy goes towards Mother, she's able to be there for the children." Truth!
  3. Natasha88

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    OH my God, thank you Lesa for being brave to get up there!!! I love you! Love this interaction:"You cannot do anything with your shame, you cannot make shame go away... shame by it's very nature is the aspect of you that you pushed away... so you cannot do anything with shame... the only thing you can do is the opposite of trying to get it to go away... complete unconditional presence and acceptance is the answer... thank you Teal!!!! Thank you Lesa!!!! This was so beautiful and enlightening.
  4. Natasha88

    Chicago Workshop 2018 - 2/2

    First interaction is really good with girl who asked question about abundance. Loved the channeling by Teal of her blocked angry self. Teal: "Abundance cannot follow something that you do not enjoy doing! Vibrational impossibility. Cannot pick a line of work that doesn't bring you joy." Beautiful reminder.
  5. Natasha88


    Thank you Teal, beautiful blog, I loved it! I agree, seeing into another person's reality and understanding, that they are you and you are them and we really are a part of each other, there really is no other choice but to love!!! And this is the new consciousness coming on the planet and I am excited to be part of it with you. I truly do believe your work Teal is going to be hugely responsible for a major part of this planet's shift into a new consciousness out of the dark ages and into the new Aquarian energies. And someday we will have a world full of people with compassion for each other and understanding and I can't wait! I truly do believe it wont' be that long either so take heart sister. Dr. David Hawkins, PhD, researcher and author states in his book, "The Eye of the I" that one person walking in integrity counterbalances 90,000 negative people." Wow! Look at the exponential power of one person walking in his truth. So that was written 18 years ago, can you imagine how much more that number has increased with so many awakening people now due to the information available and spiritual teachers on the internet? And with your work Teal and all the people following you as points of light as you say, this is not going to be a snowball effect, it will eventually be a tsunami of love that covers the planet! This is real and we all need to wake up to our power and understand we all make a huge difference... I am excited to be here to witness the beginning of the ages from the old energies to the new and to have learned from you Teal so I can help others! XXX!!!
  6. Natasha88

    Feeling the Feelings

    When the resistance keeps coming up while doing the work, you work with the "part" that is resistant. Put your focus and unconditional attention on the "part" that is resisting. Could be fearful, angry, sad, etc...even numbness...
  7. Perfect. Thank you. I resonate and feel this completely! I am excited to build something completely new with the new me this New Year! It's crazy Teal, another spiritual teacher, in his forecast for the New Year, called 2018, the Year of the Butterfly!
  8. Excellent dialogue with woman with relationship problems... Love the way it evolved into clear, concise relationship advice to both men and women. Skit at end was great!
  9. Natasha88


    With you as you find your way. I know you will! Holding you in a space of love.
  10. Natasha88

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!!!
  11. Wow! Inspired by Spirit, I can feel it! Yes, let's shift this planet, I can see this growing bigger and bigger and bigger!
  12. Natasha88


    Been getting this message over and over to take action. Thank you for that reminder. Yes, this super moon was crazy!
  13. Natasha88

    Hot Chocolate

    OMG, YUMMM! Thank Teal, this just got me in the Christmas spirit!
  14. Absolutely love this, thank you Teal.
  15. Fantastic!!!! Maddy you have a beautiful voice! Well done, both of you!
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