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  1. Amazing insight. I personally believe that I understand more about actual human psychology by attending Teal’s workshops, watching her videos, reading her books and implementing some of her recommended practices and awareness into my life. I do have to admit that being able to automatically entrain with other people’s emotions, see their repressed aspects, their unconscious patterns and pick up on their thought streams and having been in the mental health system throughout my life definitely plays a role in me seeing mainstream psychology and psychiatry as bull shit. I real appreciate your courage in being open to bringing up controversial issues Teal! We need to be more aware of these collective associations and consciously work together to shift them towards a more true and beneficial viewpoint.
  2. I had misunderstood how the discount code works from the email I received. I received an email response after asking why this happened. The email explained it doesn't work for frequency products on other sites linked to teal swan.com, it only works for the very small selection on the teal swan shop on the page. I'm even more disappointed by this beacuse I was really excited to get some new frequency clothes and save 40% as a premium member. I would just ask that in the future with promotions that it be clear where members can or cannot use the discount codes. I also misunderstood the discount banner on the home page, so that's why I was confused about the time.
  3. The discount code isn’t working for me. It’s November 25th, the Website says there’s 2H :32M left, and the original email said that the discount was good until the 27th of November.
  4. I’m so sorry Teal that this responsibility has been placed on you. I know that I’m definitely guilty of seeing you as someone who I wish could solve my problems for me and be something that you aren’t. I’m sorry. I don’t know you personally, although I have had the pleasure of meeting you and being in your presence. I often wish that I could take the aspects of this world that cause so much suffering into myself and transmute them so that you, Winter, everyone on your team, people that I have come to love and all beings on this planet didn’t suffer in those ways. I have often wished I was a trillionaire(something that hasn’t existed yet as far as I know) so that I could relieve the financial difficulties that you face supporting so many, reaching out to the world, creating safety and security for you and your team, and so you had no financial barriers to creating a change in the justice system, the education system and so I could spread your frequency art around the globe in massive quantities because I believe it should be everywhere. I also have my own dreams that I would want to support as well. I have often wished that I could be a part of your team and dedicate my life to helping emotionally transmute, guide people through emotional awareness, support your mission, witness the beauty of the future you are helping create, transform my life with the support of your beautiful community, and to know all of the Teal Team as individual people because I know that you are all incredible and amazing people taking on the world in a way that no one has before. I’m so sorry that you all have faced so much hatred, so much loss, so much fear. I’m sorry for everything, yet I am also grateful for your willingness to go on and continue with what you came here for. I’m so sorry that I haven’t seen your struggle, I haven’t seen you as you are, and I’ve placed my burdens on your shoulders. My sense of worth as a person feels inadequate and wrong when I think I could never measure up to you as a role model, yet you still move me more than anybody else in the world, besides myself now. I’m so sorry Teal. I choose with my free will to integrate all the aspects of me that have been unwilling to see you and your truth clearly and I choose to open myself to know you as you are if that would bring you happiness. I really want to be your friend, your supporter, your ally so that you can experience that without fear and I can know who you really are. Thank you Teal for giving me the gift of choice through your example and your perseverance in making this world a more compassionate, authentic, unconditionally loving and presence based place. You are in my heart always. I’m more myself than I have ever been because you came into my life and have continued to make a life changing impact that continues to expand who “I “ am.
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