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  1. cvs

    @Andrew_044 I think you are right and I also agree that military or political roles might not necessarily be the answer. Those are really just the most obvious things, the first things that come to mind. You need to delve much deeper, try some things, explore who you are, go travelling, etc. You are young. Just follow your heart each step of the way and always make time for personal reflection. You will do fine, even if you have to doubt yourself from time to time along the way.
  2. There are many more, these are just a few I happened to write down.
  3. cvs

    Ok this is just a random idea I had, tell me what you think. What if I were to set up a Wiki absolutely identical to Wikipedia apart from the logo (the platform is open source, I set one up last year for a university that I worked for) and make a clone of all of the data on the Wikipedia website or as much of it as possible. Essentially we create a branch, a new timeline. And on this one we can edit anything into it that we want to manifest. Maybe make your own page and create everything you want to manifest for yourself. It sounds like a crazy idea I know But it also kinda sounds like fun.
  4. Aren't they the greatest. What type?
  5. cvs

    1337 911 1110 No idea on meaning. I just notice them. I try to check what I was doing or thinking at that current moment and take a mental note. Maybe I should actually get a notepad for it. Just over the last couple of days I have noticed 33 quite a few times in the same way. Since around when I joined this forum actually. I think my own number is 14.
  6. cvs

    I wish we could get good watermelons in the UK. Our watermelons are so small and expensive. And mangos. Best two fruits as well
  7. cvs

    I want to go to the Amsterdam workshop too, planning to be able to afford it. Here's some tips for travel from the top of my head and a little Googling around: Flights Airlines have complex algorithms which calculate their ticket prices constantly and fares are updated may times per day! The old rule of thumb was around 2 months before but best to just check regularly and buy them when they are lowest. If you check with Google there is a feature to get automatically updates when fares change. Apparently booking at the weekend is cheapest! When you check the prices, the websites will track you and give you different fares based on what they have already shown you. You don't want them to do this. You want to be able to get the lowest fares when they are available. The solution here is to "browse privately", a browser feature that stops websites storing data about you and tracking you. Sometimes you need them to for example for how you can stay logged in on this website, but for searching air fares you want to be browsing privately. Different browsers and devices have different ways of browsing privately so the best thing to do is probably just to Google: How do I browse privately? If the most expensive part of the trip (along with the event ticket) is the air fares and if accomodation is quite cheap which I think is possible, then you might consider staying a night or two extra to try to get the most out of the journey as possible? Amsterdam is a great place to get lost in and there are some really nice places nearby that are worth a visit too. My personal favourite is that you can jump on a 30 min train to Utrecht which is like a much quieter non-touristed version of Amsterdam with the most beautiful canal system. I just got back from a trip to Utrecht/Amsterdam actually. Fares depenant, I am guessing you would be best to go on the Friday, stay over in Amsterdam Friday night, attend the event on Saturday and stay for the rest of the day at least. You could go home on the Sunday but I think those air tickets will be more expensive than if you were to go back Mon/Tues. Accomodation Hotels/AirBNB/even hostsels in Amsterdam are really expensive. Close to some London prices if that means anything to you (I am from the UK). You can camp for pretty cheap. I have never stayed at this campsite but it looks kinda awesome: The problem with camping is you need to bring a tent and sleeping bag etc and when flying it might mean having to check in a whole extra bag which can be expensive and one more thing to have to worry about at the airports checking the luggage in and then collecting it on arrival. Zzz. You ideally want to fly with just a hand luggage case. That's plenty for your clothes and essentials etc but not a tent and sleeping bag. If you did want to camp, maybe there are some other options. Like if you could order a really cheap tent and sleeping bag from the internet and have it delivered to the camp in advance of your arrival. You can get a really compact travel pillow to go in your hand luggage. That sounds crazy but probably cheaper than the extra bag! November isn't as expensive as summer. You may even find the odd really good deal on a hotel or hostel or something. Take a look on and see what you find. Offers come and go, sometimes upto 50% or so. Staying anywhere in Amsterdam is fine as the Tram is not that expensive (or free if you have an iamsterdam card). Travel When you arrive you will need to get a train from Schipol airport to Amsterdam Centraal. If you want to do it you can get on without a ticket and you will almost never be checked. You are supposed to get a ticket from a machine and scan it in on some sensor in the station but the checkpoints don't have any barriers and you can just walk right through and get on the train. I have never seen a conducter even once I'm not convinced they even have them. If you are getting the tram check if you can get a day ticket or a multiple-day ticket and work out if that would be cheaper for you depending on what your plans are. Ticket The prices are given so I guess the best thing to do would be to commit as soon as you can so that you can get one of the early bird tickets as well as then being able to pull the trigger when the cheapest flights you want are good. I will be back to edit in some prices and write some about things to do etc around next week (busy weekend ahead)
  8. cvs

    Hey thanks for sharing And adorable story about Donald Duck, the casserole bed especially !! I still have my equivilent toy which is a puffin. He still hangs around and occationally comes on holiday with me. I'm 26 years old by the way When I was reading your first paragraph and you mentioned war games and military toys it immediately jumped to my mind that you could be a logical strategist type of person. And then I get to the second paragraph and it starts: But strategy can be more of a means to an end rather than a passion, would you agree? You life's purpose might not be to just to 'do strategy'. It is possible but I somehow don't think you would be here demanding to know your life purpose if the was something so simple that you have already been doing your whole life. However you do seem to have a strong natural aptitude for it so it may well be the case that whatever your true passion is is something that would require or be benefitted by strong strategic abilities. This part on the other hand is the sort of thing that could be more telling. But you need to explore a lot more. A couple more probing questions... This friend of yours you remember meeting in kindergarten. What was it that caused you two to become friends? What was it that appealled to you about him or her? What were your favourite classes in school? Do you remember any topics or projects really capturing your imagination? P.S. Was the Command and Conquer game called Tiberian Sun? I know there were a number of different Command and Conquer titles but me and my brother used to love that one when we were younger !!
  9. cvs

    Did you used to day dream at in those monotonous times as a child? What did you used to dream about? What was your favourite toy? What is your earliest memory?
  10. cvs

    Heavily sampled from Sweet Harmony by Liquid, but I prefer Ratpack's version. It allows me to experience a world united with love for some breif but beautiful moments! Music
  11. I like your question although it is not the easiest for me to answer right now. There any many things I used to do that I could have responded with such as inline skating, inline hockey and football. In my teenage years I would play hockey every weekend and almost every school night either go skating or play football which I also played every lunch. I was really active. However these days I find it more and more difficult to do active and fun things like I used to. More and more I find myelf on the computer working. I am a software engineer with an inventive streak so I almost typically have multiple projects to improve the world on the go and regularly find myself over worked and burning out. It's actually one of my big things at the moment only to have one project at a time and just write new ideas down without trying to start every new project, so that I can actually complete a project, priorietise easier,and find more time to do the things that I have felt have been lacking. Even still, doing just the one project whilst everything I can to keep people around me happy and make sure I am able to pay my rent each month, struggling to hold down a full time job or maintain the desire to do so because of the way my mind works and the way I am unable to conform with something that I don't hold as valuable and I burn out quickly when I am forced into it), I am still feeling over stretched and like I can't possibly even attempt to fit in any recreation for a while. The truth is that I can, just in the moment it matters stress holds me back from just walking out the door and going and doing something that I will enjoy. I just tell myself that if I keep working then it will all work itself out and be worth it and then I will have time to do anything I want. I do believe this, but the problem for me is that I have been striving for a long time now and so far nothing has happened. I am starting to put on weight and become noticbly less healthly for always sitting at a computer. But I am working towards improving my external world so that I will be able to apply more of my energy to the things that are valuable to me whilst maintaining a sustainable balance, so this list is subject to change and I have every intention of returning with updates. But for now, I spend my free time: - Wishing I had more free time - Telling myself I have to keep working - Cuddling a parrot (Hey it's not all bad )
  12. Have you ever had a crystal that at one point seemed to resonate strongly with you and really liked the energy of only to either suddenly or over time fall out with the crystal and no longer enjoy it's company? This is not a personal experience of my own but I am curious as to what people's different perspectives and stories are
  13. I wrote this poem close to 10 years ago, as a teenager. I'm 26 now. It was titled "Doom Every Day" I'm the dark angel on the rocks Watching over the gruesome docks As once a day the ship pulls in That only god know's what's within And as each day the truth unfolds I pray one day it will be gold. I've not a massive poetry writer to be honest so this is just "for what it's worth" and not supposed to be a masterpiece or anything. I have just written this one and in more recent years a couple of love poems. That is the extent of my experience.