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    You are making huge assumptions. (1) Ale led a Teal Tribe at one time (early on), so spiritually speaking, he was a follower. On the business side, I'm guessing he was more pro-active but I don't really know. The point being this blog announces a divorce from a former follower. (2) It's literally a NEW AGE.. (Age of Aquarius), and mystics ABOUND on the planet. Plus, relationship dynamics of the universe may be quite different than you think. For example. at the HIGHEST LEVELS.. you DO NOT choose your mate. Everyone has a twin-soul, but that split may have occurred 100 million years ago before one's first incarnation, so there are a lot of ascended beings who don't know the highest version of their soul is actually only half a soul. If Buddha doesn't know this, you can bet a very large portion of the universe doesn't know it either. We are at the end of a UNIVERSAL_CYCLE where many twin-souls are re-connecting. (3) It is my personal opinion Teal needs to find a superbly strong soul whom she won't naturally dominate with her psychic abilities. As likely the MOST PSYCHIC PERSON on the planet.. there's probably only a handful of men she would not overpower over time. However, also.. wielding her very high-consciousness as, basically, an Ascended Master, Teal is also VERY LIKELY one of those beings destined to meet her twin flame.. who may or may not be strong.. but is the ACTUAL true mate for her. Again, just an alternate opinion from one of the thousands of mystics on the planet these days. PEACE
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    Thanks much! Morpheus.
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    Thanks! Uh yes.. it's a hand. ha-ha
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    ["Is it on left or right?"] LOL. That's funny! [" does piano keyboard goes up in to clouds?"] It goes up into and THROUGH the larger cloud cluster at top via a nice little tunnel. (but not through the single, small lower cloud) I'll provide more pics later.. Thanks for your comment!
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    My 2nd Sculpture - The Beckoning:) Just completed yesterday. 43.5" tall, 65 lbs. Painted clay on steel armature.
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    Oh.. THANK YOU!
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    What a fantastically beautiful mind Teal has! Another bold A+ exposition! - this time on the ridiculous & paradoxical expectations and burdens placed on mothers these days. Someday Earth will move closer to the answer which is the following - and currently in operation in higher-dimensional worlds: (1) Only qualified parents lacking emotional_error should be allowed to procreate. This is for purposes of the collective_consciousness_vibration for children absorb parents emotional error both in the womb and the first years of life. This is not something a society should knowingly propagate. (2) Children should NOT be raised by their biological parents, but by members (of the tribe or collective) whose LOVE, INNATE_SKILL, and DIVINE_PASSION is the raising of children. One of the predominant false_beliefs on Earth is that a child is YOURS. This is completely untrue. A God-borne soul CHOOSES its parents. and employs the resulting physical_body as an Earth avatar for soul experience and expansion. Societies like those in Arcturus treat CONSCIOUSNESS itself as a priceless gem to guard & nurture, since it interacts with the universal quantum mind to create the vibrational experience and life_quality of their civilization. It is therefore essential only CLEAN_CONSCIOUSNESS parents procreate.. and only INNATELY_SKILLED_AND_LOVING_CARETAKERS raise the children to ensure their consciousness and ability develops in optimal fashion for being and society. While consensus view on the quality of Teal's uterus is likely very positive, it is unlikely to match the otherworldly caliber of her exquisite SPIRIT, MIND, and PSYCHIC PROWESS. Someone like Teal should be able to focus exclusively on her mission of sharing her unprecendented spiritual solutions and psychic_clearing with the whole globe... GUILT-FREE. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Teal! Love, Kiel P.S. ADORABLE CONFIDENT pic of Winter, btw. Totally appropriate for this blog too.. since I'm psychic & can read his THOUGHT_BUBBLE which says "She's my bitch."
  8. Kielbasa Johansen

    Your soul lives in another universe (literally). All energies passed to your spirit_body chakra system come from your own dual_gender soul residing in another universe which receives it's energy and updates etc. from an infinite creator. Your soul can transform from HUMAN to ANGELIC via interaction with the infinite creator. Interaction with this creator is NOT required.. and you can evolve quite far without such interaction, but NOT all the way. Both your soul and your metaphysical_spirit body do evolve over time depending on your LOVE condition. Peace
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    GOT PSYCHICALLY FROZEN? NOTE: The answer to the existence currently resides in meanings not yet associated with English words. Words/Labels with great potential like "God" have been totally warped and, hence, they don't mean what they SHOULD mean. In other words, the moment you see a word like God it instantaneously produces within your being an incorrect/low frequency of understanding; a non-divine-aligned reference in existence. It therefore takes special open-mindedness and spiritual pertinacity to reprogram yourself into the higher understanding seen below. It takes the will of someone whose #1 goal is PERSONAL TRUTH and EXPANSION. This is made additionally difficult by the fact your very own SPIRIT_GUIDES will likely NOT KNOW THIS INFORMATION, hence they will send a feeling of uneasiness or doubt to your solar plexus in their well-intended effort to spiritually guide you. They may even be discouraging you and distracting you from reading these words right now! @Alex7[" Technically god/source is omnipresent so everything is spiritual. "] - I understand this viewpoint and T. may?? have said this before herself. However, this is "technically" INCORRECT. God (actual, not Bible "God" or ET Gods who gene-spliced) is all Good. You might say 'God' created a sandbox in her/his own mind where her soulful creations were lovingly granted the free-will power to create PSYCHIC_THOUGHT_FORM_REALITIES based on their own FREE-WILL. From this ABSOLUTE AND NON-RELATIVE FACT OF EXISTENCE.. came some very dark behaviors, thoughts, and new densities/universes spawned by the human consciousnesses lovingly allowed (by God) to create w/o oversight but full self-responsibility. - (hence, the karmic aspects of existence). In sum, it is true that ALL THINGS are a spiritual/psychic construct, but NOT all things are a construct of God. This is NOT dogma. I have ZERO RELIGIOUS UPBRINGING. This is a divine fact that will need to be PROGRAMMED into your essence to rewrite your relationship with the existence, so you can more authentically grasp omnipotent creator and hence ascend higher in consciousness and divine_love through wiser alignment. It will also enable you to travel to new universes of creation for eternity The (shorter-term) EXPERIENTIAL CONSEQUENCE of not "getting this" will be that that you can ascend very, very high in finer spirit realms, feel like a powerful and giving God yourself, yet then a cheerful, glowing, and youthful looking lad or gal (presenting that look) may come along and be able to completely psychically FREEZE your spirit_body and prevent you from moving_by_thought or performing other psychic functions in spirit realms. Of course, this curious angelic_being has this power due to their divine alignment, so they will never actually do this to you unless you invite it out of disbelief or learning. Exercising this power over you is one of the main ways high-spirit beings are convinced there are still higher realms out there.. and their sense of oneness is not top of the pyramid. To clarify, there is a HUGE, UNIFYING (i.e ONENESS) ASPECT TO EXISTENCE, but the focal_aggregating_point of unity is One_Creator. In other words, your soul is a child that needs to go home. Before that time you will also confirm in higher dimensions that twin-flames (hetero and homo) exist. Mirror souls are created in opposite-directions at origin to maintain conservation of energy and overall non-polarity. PEACE and LOVE to you.
  10. Kielbasa Johansen

    @hallucinogenic Thank you. Much appreciated.
  11. Kielbasa Johansen

    My First Sculpture - Serpent / Kundalini Just completed this Aug 2017.. but already nicely into next. I was privately working on this when Teal wrote her serpent/kundalini blog July 21st The moral? Teal == SlickAF (ha-ha)
  12. Kielbasa Johansen

    No. People EXPERIENCE w/increasing frequency higher-dimensional aspects of reality as consciousness rises. PERCEPTION and WORLD-VIEW also change during this process. Consequently, something that sounds right or resonates today will not sound so wise tomorrow as higher-aspects of yourself are incorporated into the lower-self that experiences Earth. However, until this starts to happen you are just the caterpillar that understandably considers it absurd that he may fly someday as a butterfly. The human being can not only experience upgrades over time.. but eventually transform into an entirely new kind of spiritual being... non-human. Again, the default human world-view won't get this point. However, after certain experiences and increases in awareness, this becomes understandable. Teal is a master of the multidimensional, so she is acutely aware that realities are relative to one's awareness level and vibrational frequency. You are attributing to Teal an understanding level that is multiple TIERS below her true universal understanding and experience. That all said, reality is NOT random. It is a perfectly designed machine of divinity. There is NO determinism.. just multidimensional FREE-WILL. As the love-condition of your soul increases.. so does one's capacity for knowledge, so events become more understandable and hence predictable. However, an event can be 100% predictable, and there can still be total free-will for the choosing beings involved. PEACE. NOTE: Forgot to add not all beings have free-will. Animals and many spiritual entities are INSTINCT-based.
  13. Kielbasa Johansen

    @EsperantoThere are ACTUAL LEVELS to existence and your consciousness. Your consciousness specifically is currently operating at the default/base dualistic view which most humans on Earth currently operate at. There's nothing wrong with this, but at that level you are not going to be able offer a unique and elevating perspective on these issues that others will benefit from. For example, OBJECTIVITY really doesn't exist in the way you think. Realities are HIGHLY RELATIVE. It doesn't mean that there is not good and bad behaviors, in a way, but you increase the POWER of an energetic trend by focusing on it. So FOCUSING on an energy always amplifies it. At a future time you will get this. PEACE.
  14. Kielbasa Johansen

    There are definitely "things" going in the direction you don't want (unless you are those things :)). There are also "things" that themselves are vibrationally lower in frequency at their divine-signature level. Devolution-inspiring vs evolution-inspiring. However, in order for a vortex to spin there must be forces operating in both directions. It's interesting such a simple concept escapes so many. Light requires darkness..LITERALLY.. MATHEMATICALLY.. PHYSICALLY. "It takes two to big-bang-o."
  15. Kielbasa Johansen

    @Scot [" We were talking and I got the impression that a sensation went up her spine. Of course I couldn't see it or feel it but I definitely had the impression that she felt "energy" rush up her spine. "] I THINK(?) you were being serious here and not sarcastic. If so.. well.. that's a rather interesting event, since it very well could mean the lady may have been your twin-soul/flame. Spontaneous, energetic "activations" would be one of the more unique and glaring symptoms of interacting with your twin-flame. It can even happen just talking over the phone before ever meeting him/her. Connecting or meeting your twin-flame is a huge spiritual event. However, due to varying emotional error accrued from the experience of your different paths up to that point, TFs may not be attracted to each other or may pose excessive challenge to other that prevents (re)union. The TF phenomenom is actually real.. even though most people who get into it are just into relationships, dating,a nd love and have no real idea of the true spiritual depth of the topic. [" I would love if you could arrange of a mutually satisfying test with the James Randi organization and win the James Randi million dollar prize! "] This is not a thought you'll ever want to have again. James Randi is simply deplorable and there is NO valid way to overcome his skepticism and win that prize. Committed internal belief is NOT altered my external events like that - especially when they are presented upfront as a challenge to them. Plus, the VERY WORST thing you can be is a skeptic...which is a stultifying and limiting and paralyzing life viewpoint to wield. Not believing others is one of the most foolish positions a human can ever take.. as the soul inside that person is just like you. It is tantamount to not believing yourself. From a higher spiritual perspective Randi has done a great job playing his role as a leading skeptic. Kudos to him for that. Although he represents a point on the journey for many, its not a point you really ever want to be at..since it is a DEAD-END within the maze of life that one MANDATORILY has to turn around from and move beyond to continue evolving.. just like a heroine addict who has OD'ed and hit rock bottom must change to progress. In sum regarding Randi, Randi claims in a 100% psychic universe that psychic abilities don't exist. Uh.. that's ALL that exists. It's just consciousness restructuring and affecting light and energy.. for experience, joy, and expansion purposes within simulated real worlds. PEACE.