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  1. @spirit_84 Thanks for the advice. I picked up the book and read the first chapter on rejection. It reminds me of Teal's stuff. I love good book recommendations.
  2. @spirit_84 I can read people but I would love to improve that skill. I spend a lot of time trying to understand myself and heal my wounds so that I can be the best version of myself. I have a strong desire to understand others, acknowledge their truth, and help them heal. I know that's what I want but I'm not sure how to improve those skills.
  3. Jesu

    I think that everyone in this thread has good intentions and is trying to do the best with what they know. There are people out there that would have you believe "the patriarchy" is real and it is evil. There are also people that believe all feminists hate men. These are just labels that separate us as humans and create more hate. The people that spread this hate are so loud that we can forget how much love we have for each other. Men and Women are born with an abundance of love for each other. The answer is not to find out who is wrong or who is to blame. We have to cultivate love and abundance within ourselves and take up the responsibility of raising our vibration. And if you fill your life with love and light, it will spread, but if you fill your life with hate and criticism that will spread too.
  4. I've been thinking that maybe if you can identify someone's core needs you could better understand them.
  5. @Garnet That clip reminded me of the show "The Mentalist". Somehow the Mentalist is always observing things that no one else can see.
  6. That sounds like the person was interpreting the situation through the lens of their own pain. I know my wife very well and I can tell her what she's feeling even when she can't find the words to explain it herself. But there are people like Teal that can do this with people they just met. It's as if she's looking deeply into their soul. I wonder how that works.
  7. Understanding People (Teal's Insight) When watching Teal at the workshops I'm always amazed at how well she understands people. With just a few sentences she already understands the person's personality and their issues. I've always wanted to understand people like that, to meet people and understand things about them at a deep and intuitive level, and maybe help them if they were stuck. Is this an ability that can be cultivated or are you just born with it? What can I do to develop this insight?
  8. Jesu

    I think the whole idea of "The Patriarchy" is an illusion. It's just a title that people use to represent all the dark sides of leaders. In the United States, we are afforded many freedoms and in some ways live blessed lives. We have access to clean water, food from around the world, air conditioning, these are things that kings of the past never enjoyed. We have all these things because of good people and leaders of the past, but the mind quickly forgets that when you turn on the news and you hear all the negativity. To take on all of that negativity is a big responsibility and most can't handle it so they look for someone to blame, and that's "The Patriarchy". Or maybe I'm wrong and there is a secret society of men who come together to plan ways to make us all miserable. Either way, I think the best way to heal this world is to not look to condemn others but to work on ourselves and let our lights shine in the darkness.
  9. Jesu

    This was gold. I'm interested in unblocking the power of Love in order to connect with people. I like your idea of looking for similarities in people but I can't help but notice the differences when I do. I'd love to read more about this.
  10. Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any good spiritual meet ups or events in NYC?
  11. I've done the completion process several times and had this come up at different stages. Sometimes my child self will give answers that sound more like my adult self. I wonder if I'm putting words in his mouth.
  12. Sometimes when I ask my inner child a question I get answers that that make me wonder if this is my adult self or maybe some other aspect of myself answering instead. What's the best way to deal with this?