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  1. Nicholadicys

    I've been feeling something, like a sort of energy with a message, concerning you but idk lol.
  2. Nicholadicys

    Well.... The answer lies between you and your higher self. The reason why is because I believe you asked a different or you wanted something but you're actually finding it but the answer that you are receiving is not the one you were expecting. For example, I will use myself as an example. I wanted to find love and I would go on dates and I would connect but then people wouldn't stay very long. And my dates wouldn't last. But in my head I told myself that I wanted to find "love." But my higher self decided to show me that in a different way. Which didn't involve going on dates at all. It involved me being alone and loving myself and healing myself. So I encourage you to meditate maybe even in nature. The answer is right there. And once you go with the flow and listen, it will make sense and bring clarity. Blessed Be - Nicholadicus.