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  1. "The powerlessness inherent in being accused of something you did not do, but having no one on your side..." This is absolutely not the case, as I will show. I have been watching this situation for some time, in detail, and have become very well acquainted with the stinking unfairness of it, the exaggerations, distortions, misconstructions, all of it. Many of your detractors might quite rightly be called "haters" in that they appear to detest the very breath that you breathe and unconsciously misinterpret every explanation or overture that you make, no matter how truthful, vulnerably given or well meaning it may be. If you maintain silence, they say "Why isn't she addressing our allegations?- Because she can't, that's why!" But the moment you do (even exhaustively, as with your wholly adequate book comparison) they cry "Ha! Look, she's 'explaining herself' - we've got her on the run!" And if there came a day when everything had been explained, they would be only left with their hate, without a convenient hook to hang it on. Give these people ammunition and they will unhesitatingly shoot you dead with it without a second thought. Central among the agitators are, I see, a superficially meticulous "poison pen" whose particular specialty is "taking the moral high ground" by casting your activities in the most dubious light possible and crying foul (which she does by misinterpreting the context of your actions and ignoring alternate explanations); a basically fanatical, sexually repressed religious zealot who is presently (you must have seen) degenerating into literally laughable and embarrassing excesses of almost villain in movie egoism (imagining now that all the gods of India stand behind her mean-spirited and demonstrably half-baked mission); and that former indigo child, another fanatic whose mind was changed by the new 'big man' in her life, although in her case towards materialism. There are others, and then you have, basically, "mob", the relatively mindless satellites who believe things instantly just because someone said so, particularly if it's bad, because then they get to attack a 'manifestation' of the amorphous evil bogeyman that has been making them feel shitty forever. And they get to experience validation: say something unpleasant about Teal, however fatuous or fictitious, and they'll get an avalanche of 'likes.' Way to go. Anyway, all of this only goes to show that I, and others, can discern some of what is happening. In terms of practical support, I have various suggestions which I believe may be helpful in permanently addressing these issues. If you want to hear my two cents worth, you have my contact details.
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