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    Online Workshop - January 2019

    I love your online workshops! They expand my awareness always! I wanted to let a comment about activism: because even when the actions of activists awake resistance in the others, what about the successes of activism? Like the suffragettes? Would we, women, get our civil rights if, instead of protesting, these women acted differently? I always think about the two types of energies, like Neptune and Uranus in astrology. Activism is the energy of Uranus, a planet that shakes what is for awakening, while Neptune is more subtle and tend to integrate the Whole. Removing "Uranus" wouldn't be like leaving out a part of our Wholeness?
  2. I have been thinking in all what you have written for a while. The reality of our society can be seen very clearly with the relationships we have to celebrity. When I see a celebrity drunk on stage and all their fans laughing at this celebrity jokes, I realize the hopelessness that someone who is "seen" by everyone is still invisible to everyone. The human species are very far from reaching its full potential. We are as species, basically quite dumb and sort of emotional cannibals. We need to stay strong and go through this to learn how to direct this energies as real magicians.
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