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  1. Absolutely love the red faces... makes me giggle along with u
  2. Hey Thank you! I really appreciate that
  3. DanielleS


    I just started my period this morning so definitely feel a relief & renewal
  4. I’m upset only picked 3 white roses.... gotta work on that
  5. DanielleS


    God I love her smile at the end! Merry Christmas
  6. DanielleS

    Human Family

    Wow, she looks beautiful
  7. Oh boy do I feel the polarity in me.... I feel like I need these polarities to meet or fuse as u say! Like .... now cuz I’m kinda too intense sometimes
  8. DanielleS


    Super cute! Thank u! I like knowing I don’t know critical pieces... it takes some pressure off & allows more faith for me
  9. DanielleS

    Inner Critic

    Oh my gosh.... she said literally everything! GOLD!
  10. DanielleS

    Haunted Painting

    What’s her name? She seems lovely
  11. DanielleS


    Of course I asked about this guy, right.... he coo, but who knows. Then the answer seemed mixed or like a “no”.... I wasn’t satisfied. Then I began to settle & asked “AM I DOING OKAY UNIVERSE? AM I WORKING HARD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO BE PROUD OF ME?” My inner child came out. She/It has been very surfaced & really wanted to know. She is really hard on herself and wants to know if she is enough. Well... she is enough & she is working on bring safety down into her body. She is cultivating this inner relaxation as a spring broad to do, to act in life....she is “working” or ra
  12. DanielleS

    Making Soap

    So freaken precious! Also, I think making soap is my new thing now
  13. DanielleS


    I color mainly with markers!
  14. DanielleS

    Locked Out

    What are my true desires... jeez .... I’d like to build momentum to accomplish my goals such as being a great CPP, meditate .....building something
  15. DanielleS

    Locked Out

    WTF ..... I don’t know ... maybe my true desires....
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