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  1. DanielleS

    Quality Of Life

    Fo shizzle
  2. DanielleS


    I’m proud of my mental mind, how creative & logical it can be. I am proud of my intensity. My intensity challenges me & I love the passion that comes from it. I am proud of my desire to practice using my mental mind when I want & not get lost in it. I am proud of my desire to understand my intensity & use it for the better & find ways to be in alignment with it
  3. Practice the cello....getting out of my boxed behavior
  4. DanielleS

    Guaranteed Happiness

    Wow this is such an easy choice for me. Of course I want to be happy....but coupled with the lack of choice or freedom feels like a very surfacie type of happiness, which I’m not interested in. I want SUBSTANCE, DEPTH, HONESTY to be creating my happiness. I’m still intimidated by the depths of freedom...the boundlessness brings so much vulnerability & emotion for me. I can see myself looking for more ways to feel free & I think my mind naturally has to expand to be creative & redefine freedom in everyday life. It’s fun & I can feel my blockages a lot of the time. F R E E D OM all the way baby! i mean honestly whatever happiness is experienced by force probably has a gross flavor. at the same token I can feel pressure lifted off so a little temptation peers through.
  5. DanielleS

    Short Term Thinking

    Honestly for me I do & am beginning the process of creating a more efficient & healthy body as well as my mind. & definitely practicing allowing my mind to relax & be less judgmental & stressed. Being truly mindful of my power & my breathing. I think evolving as individuals.... really becoming our own masters is invaluable. Developing more faith in ourselves in each other, recognizing more unity speaks soooo loudly and I do at the same time fear the blockages being too much, too overbearing that then prevents us from seeing avenues to unite. Interesting..... I’ll keep working on it
  6. DanielleS

    Self Sabotage

    I love you too Teal!
  7. DanielleS


    God I love her! She’s such a sweetheart
  8. DanielleS


    I’m bawling! I’m so happy to hear! Thank u thank u thank u
  9. DanielleS

    Life In One Word

    Unpredictable! Lots of times I think I know where I'm going & BAM, significant change or what feels like significant change & I'm changed forever. It's exciting & relaxing to acknowledge this, because it helps me release some of my "controllingness" & have more faith & warmth. I got this. WE GOT THIS!
  10. DanielleS

    Peak Narcissism

    You were amazing in L.A.. I am so glad I saw you. I had a bit of anxiety to be honest, but I was actually in the room with you...BAM! My thought, " She is more amazing an ever!" THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I LOVE YOU DEARLY!
  11. DanielleS

    Life Changing

    Recently, I conciously experienced my higher self embodied (I think). It was after a channelling session (I think) in the car. A wave of negative emotion took hold of me I parked the car, cried my eyes out as usual, called this great teacher guy who helped me "channel". He called in his spirit guide (I think) & then after I asked questions & realized I had that too...i.e higher self or spirit guide & then "she" came inside me or I brought her in consciously, got out of the car, walked around Walgreens completely guided & accompanied & free & beautiful & kind & excited...everything I know I am. I now just practicing to embody those qualities. So much is changing fast & I am glad I get to share this on here! Thank you!
  12. A New Cycle of our life has begun!
  13. DanielleS

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Holy shit...TALENT! ?
  14. Absolutely Beautiful! I love these insights. It helps me take a deeper look at my own life. Thank you Going to share this info with my mother. I'm pretty sure she was part of royal courts in her past life
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