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  1. DanielleS

    New Era

    What happened to “Bye, I love you guys”? ..... don’t worry, I gotcha covered.... Love you guys! Love you Teal!
  2. Cancer is the easiest because.... it doesn’t fit into the current life?
  3. DanielleS

    Back In The U.S.

    I love you Teal! Thank you for sharing
  4. DanielleS

    CP Audiobook

    Finally! Thank u do much!
  5. I going to have a kid in 2023
  6. DanielleS


    God she is gorgeous
  7. DanielleS

    June 16th

    Ahhhh..... Happy Birthday! Happy CONNECTION day everyone! I just got my first tattoo a week ago... a symbol of CONNECTIONS
  8. Sooo me right now! Thank so much for this video Teal. Yes, I believe my purpose is to work with EMOTIONS! I’m ready.... let’s go!
  9. I see a shiny purple diamond across a body of water. It’s my dream job! I love swimming so I start swimming towards it. Then my heart gives out because I’ve been swimming so fast, so I look for a buoy. I relax there & relish in the relief for a while. I “enjoy” it so much I spend so much time there. Then, I get terribly unsatisfied & search for the purple again, but a storms approaches & I have to wait & suffer through it. I hate the suffer so much I swim back to land cuz at least I have some shelter there. I enjoy the shelter, then deep dissatisfaction creeps in again. I swim
  10. DanielleS

    Quality Of Life

    Fo shizzle
  11. DanielleS


    I’m proud of my mental mind, how creative & logical it can be. I am proud of my intensity. My intensity challenges me & I love the passion that comes from it. I am proud of my desire to practice using my mental mind when I want & not get lost in it. I am proud of my desire to understand my intensity & use it for the better & find ways to be in alignment with it
  12. Practice the cello....getting out of my boxed behavior
  13. DanielleS

    Guaranteed Happiness

    Wow this is such an easy choice for me. Of course I want to be happy....but coupled with the lack of choice or freedom feels like a very surfacie type of happiness, which I’m not interested in. I want SUBSTANCE, DEPTH, HONESTY to be creating my happiness. I’m still intimidated by the depths of freedom...the boundlessness brings so much vulnerability & emotion for me. I can see myself looking for more ways to feel free & I think my mind naturally has to expand to be creative & redefine freedom in everyday life. It’s fun & I can feel my blockages a lot of the time. F R E E D OM a
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