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  1. DanielleS


    I hate this question so much...ahhhhhhhhhh! WTF!!! This is a tough one cuz I clearly refuse & honestly...wow instant tears.. okay I’m a little loss on this one but it’s clearly intense. Maybe that I’m not excelling or that I’m not enough
  2. DanielleS


    Make a YouTube channel
  3. DanielleS


    During long walks outside... being outside mostly
  4. DanielleS


    From what I could muster is letting go & surrendering to the moment. I want a clear mind not all the clutter!
  5. DanielleS


    I complain to myself the most about how I don’t follow through on things I need & want to do...... that is currently decreasing & faith in myself drastically increasing
  6. DanielleS


    How the hell am I suppose to know ...ahhhhhhhh! great now that that’s out the way.... I think I’m maintaining my comfort level because if I go into my spirituality I’ll be painfully alone....? I’m actually really sad thinking about it....hits a lot of self worth issues. Maybe I’m avoiding my (what I call) internal calmness. I need to make YouTube videos
  7. DanielleS


  8. DanielleS


    My Beauty
  9. DanielleS


    I am very surprised at my answer..... my pain is the most meaningful. It gives birth to greatness, because it pushes me closer to myself
  10. DanielleS

    Change Your Name?

    I like Aqua.... it feels dreamy & mysterious
  11. DanielleS


    Being outside, taking long walks, finding a life partner
  12. DanielleS


    I let go of the expectation of doing something. I don’t know if I will or won’t. I want to make the decision here & now!

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