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  1. DanielleS


    I’m bawling! I’m so happy to hear! Thank u thank u thank u
  2. DanielleS

    Life In One Word

    Unpredictable! Lots of times I think I know where I'm going & BAM, significant change or what feels like significant change & I'm changed forever. It's exciting & relaxing to acknowledge this, because it helps me release some of my "controllingness" & have more faith & warmth. I got this. WE GOT THIS!
  3. You look beautiful! My kind of style! Can't wait to hear good techniques on how to make each other feel nourished!
  4. Oh MY this video Hit me so hard. Like most do, but wow! I love it. Thank you. I can't wait for the parenting book
  5. Who did you play with? ?
  6. I heart this so bad! So Freaken bad! Thank you so much Teal Team & Teal Swam! I love you! ???????
  7. If I had all the money in the world I'd sit outside in a comfort chair & see the sunrise every morning. I'd take the morning very slow, exercise & play with my dog.
  8. OH MY GOD! How do you do it Teal? Another amazing journey you took me on. Thank you
  9. Holy sh*t I can't stop crying! Exactly the blog I needed to read at this time. Thank you Teal! Thank you, thank you, thank you & accept my thank yous....hahaha & btw the way I wonder if my soul has conciously sat at the edge of the 11thD. Something tells me no, but that I definitely desire to.
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