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  1. DanielleS


    So yeah his name is Jason Starosta!!!!!!! Thanks for the validation
  2. DanielleS


    My own smile
  3. DanielleS

    Thank You!

    Yayayayayay!!!!!! How amazing…. Love you Teal always and ALWAYS
  4. Awwww….Validation…TY
  5. DanielleS


    I hate this question so much...ahhhhhhhhhh! WTF!!! This is a tough one cuz I clearly refuse & honestly...wow instant tears.. okay I’m a little loss on this one but it’s clearly intense. Maybe that I’m not excelling or that I’m not enough
  6. DanielleS


    Make a YouTube channel
  7. DanielleS


    During long walks outside... being outside mostly
  8. DanielleS


    From what I could muster is letting go & surrendering to the moment. I want a clear mind not all the clutter!
  9. DanielleS


    I complain to myself the most about how I don’t follow through on things I need & want to do...... that is currently decreasing & faith in myself drastically increasing
  10. DanielleS


    How the hell am I suppose to know ...ahhhhhhhh! great now that that’s out the way.... I think I’m maintaining my comfort level because if I go into my spirituality I’ll be painfully alone....? I’m actually really sad thinking about it....hits a lot of self worth issues. Maybe I’m avoiding my (what I call) internal calmness. I need to make YouTube videos
  11. DanielleS


  12. DanielleS


    My Beauty

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