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  1. ThankX Teal & Team for your technical persistence, it means the world to the isolated.
  2. Teal, thank you for doing these check-ins. Your consistency across the board says it all. You walk the walk. I believe you offer so much to so many who may be too distraught or exhausted to reach back to you, but you already know that...Stay strong, the world needs you.
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    More Than One

    "Congress of Beings" - I love your wordsmithing !
  4. mariannerrose


    Everything she said. Thank you Teal !
  5. Teal, I hope you are skiing in your gorgeous town these crystal winter days....being in nature, especially alone. I cannot imagine being you, trying to integrate your extra-ness while still living life as a human. Yet here you are. As you've taught us: whatever our struggle, it should be happening ... because it is. You are the bravest person. I'll be crossing the country to attend Kripaula and support you lining up with 2 other respected presenters. It's such a different venue for you to continue being introduced to new populations. It's a beautiful place, maybe you could extend your time to find some respite yourself. Let me know if I can help you in any way. About risks, I got a clear message about pushing my comfort zones at Teal Tribe camp. My cautions [fear] and mental justifications [risk-avoidance] led to being so self-absorbed that I even missed your surprise visit - which was a big regret. Cacooned in my tent just feet away - yet so oblivious to others. A bittersweet but crystal clear lesson. So we steady on...see you next month.

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