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  1. THAT article was great in explaining the setup and dynamics of reality bubbles. Awesome, Teal! One of the best posts I have read this year. I read this article yesterday already, and this morning in bed I was contemplating how I access certain reality bubbles and what makes me refuse to enter others. There must be something in the energy dynamics that aligns with someone, or doesn't. For instance, I was never very interested in Star Wars. Until today I haven't watched them. Harry Potter came to me late, I was already in my 30's, but had just made it through a NDE. I sometimes dive into the Matrix movies to get a glimpse and different perspective of what's going on in my life right now. That works great! But the reality of HP is of course always a delight to be in. Say 'Accio' with determination and mean it, and the object will just show up!!!
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